Saturday, August 27, 2016

Well, THAT was an experience (1st Official Steg Campout-done)

Well, we made it.  1st Steg Campout at a Campground all by ourselves accomplished---check, check, check!

It was a comedy of errors all along the way.

I guess I shouldn't be shocked by that, but it was more errors than comedy in the end. :) :(

So....we made it through the night ok.  We had a yummy dinner...crescent hotdogs, corn on the cob, and brownies made in a orange...all over the campfire.  It might have taken 2 hours to do, but we did it! haha :)  And we did get our tents up before midnight...but not much before.  Setting up camp in the dark is not recommended.  But it was all going ok.  We were hot, sweaty messes by bedtime...but we were still good. This is all part of camping, right...sweat, bugs, waiting endlessly for food to cook on a fire...

And honestly the night was good...very good for me. I slept like a baby on the only air mattress. The kids were even up and I never noticed. I woke up feeling well-rested by 7am.  I was ready to get up. This never happens.  I think camping might be my calling in only way to get sleep.  Either that or I should be sleeping on an air mattress.  So Kev is going to set up one up for me in the sunroom.  haha...j/k.  But it was nice to sleep so well!

Anyway....morning came and up we were...making breakfast over the fire. We actually did good.  We had our blueberry muffins made in lemons and oranges (pretty good! Better than the brownies), monkey bread, sausage and scrambled eggs--all over the fire. Yumm. It was pretty tasty!  We were energized for hiking to the waterfall and playing in the splash area and pool.  Then the raindrops fell...and fell...and fell.  I really had no idea it was going to even rain...but it didn't just poured...and thundered...and on and on.  I really thought it was going to blow over quickly, but it did not. We ended up sitting in our tent and playing games. Ok.  Not bad.  The tent was dry at least. Then we tried to make a fire in the rain. Not-so-fun. It was picture holding an umbrella for like an hour over our firepit so our fire was stay lit....and Kev trying to put up a tarp over my head.  We got the tarp up and the fire roaring just as the sun came out...and just as our new "tenants" arrived.  Apparently the ranger station had given us the wrong campsite last night...and then told us the wrong info today (that we could stay til 3pm) you have never seen campers move out of a campsite faster.  It was absolute stress and chaos.  We probably took down two soaking wet tents faster than any experienced camper...and we shoved every wet and muddy thing in our nice, dry van. It was awful.  There was no room for any of us...just Kev.  And that wasn't the worst part.  It then got stuck in the mud in the campsite. So even if those people wanted to move onto their campsite (and have a birthday party, which is what they were having), they could not bc we were stuck in the middle of it...and also stuck in a tree...we had a tree sticking into our van door.  It was lovely...just lovely.  We had to call two rangers to come and help us and even they struggled. It was not fun. They finally did...but goodness sakes. We had to walk to the front of the campground bc we could not fit in the van...and we had to eat our half-cooked/half burned lunch in the pavilion.  Nice.  Kev ended up going home to drop off all our muddy stuff and then he had to come back and get us.  But at least the sun came out and we were able to utilize the pools and the splash area, which the kids seemed to love. But it was a long day...and we were exhausted by the time we got home.  I was grateful to just shower and get in bed. Though here it is at 10pm and we are still waiting for our 16 year old to get home (who, by the way LOVED camping...I am sure she was so glad we waited to have this experience with her...haha...not :)).

Anyway...moral of the story:  Do not go camping if it might rain...or is too hot...and don't plan all your meals around a campfire that you do not know how to build expertly (not that Kev is not an awesome cub scout! :))  And I have decided I think it's best to just camp with our Besties. They know how to camp well.  I would rather camp with knowledgeable people :)  But I will say we made some memories...and Loggy warmed my heart tonight when he told daddy, "I want to camp all night long"  He loved it apparently.  Though next time he only wants to go with me.  No daddy. Daddy is ok with this. I think daddy is done with camping forever. He does not like to sweat that much and sleep in his sweat and sleep on the hard ground.  But like it or not he will do it with cub scouts next month!  haha :)

All I can say is I am glad I am showered and in my cool house and my soft bed tonight!  (though the air mattress does sound slightly enticing again :))  

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