Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Yay, for our Cross Country Runner!

So proud of our Shelb!  Her first cross country meet is now under her belt and she did great!  She improved by like 3 minutes from her practice run a couple weeks ago.  Awesome!  And she didn't come in last or even second to last (like her daddy used to when he ran XC :)) haha :)  She came in 44 out of 71 and ran 3K (1.8mi) in 18mins and 21 sec. Not too shabby for a first time runner.  And she was awesome at the end...sprinting across the finish. I have lots more pics on my good camera, but not sure when I will download those. So here's a few from the phone before it reached capacity (which was just my luck it happened at the beginning of the race).  YAY for Shelb...she worked hard and was happy with her run.  We officially have an middle school athlete. We have never had this before or been a part of any team sports like this. It was fun.  And it will probably be the only time we have all of us at an event like this.  Glad Hailey could see it.  Go, Bulldog, Shelb!  YAY for #195!  XC Rulz!


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Nancy Gritter said...

Way to go Shelby!!!!!!! So proud of you!!!! Congrats on bettering your time and for doing so well on your very first meet!!! Hope we get to see you run while we are there!! xo Nina