Friday, September 30, 2016

The life of our New Yorker

Well, our New Yorker has been back in her home away from home for almost a month.  And I have barely talked about her...or seen any pics from her.  She has sent me one pic in the month she's been gone...not cool!  But I'll forgive her, since I know she has been super busy.  I think she's settled back in nicely in her Manhattan high rise.  Ballet classes seem to be going well.  I would imagine C2 classes are challenging and we all know our ballerina likes a challenge, so that seems to be going well. School, on the otherhand has been a hot mess.  She is only taking one class at PPAS (her NYC public performing arts school)--AP Bio...and one class at SAB (Humanities). She was sadly not able to get into the AP US History class she wanted and was already studying for (50 on a waiting list...doesn't that say they  need to offer another class of two of this?)...and then they don't offer Physics...only Forensics.  Not helpful to our girl who wants to major in physical therapy or something like that.  Soooo...after weeks of issues, needing transcripts, special permission and paperwork, we finally got her registered at Keystone online school for Pre-Calc and Physics.  For a pretty penny I might add too.  Crud. More money down the drains.  But I guess for a good cause. school is a disappointment, but since ballet is going well, I am overlooking it a bit.  And right now she is busy rehearsing fall choreographic.  Her friend, Max, choreographed a piece and she and a few girls are in it.  Very fun.  But she has been super busy...late night rehearsals.  And tonight she is at the ballet again.  2nd one of the season. She missed out on going to the fall gala since she was rehearsing while they were giving out free tix.  But tis the life of a busy rehearsing ballerina :)  And beyond that she has also taken on a couple ballet jobs. She is helping Ms. Killian (along with another friend) teach younger SAB classes.  And she is also going to be working the SAB desk. And she's been doing Nutcracker auditions too.  Earning money. Good for her!  So, that is her life right now. 
And here's a couple pics from our drop-off earlier this month.  Hard to believe this month is over!
LOL! Love this pic.  Shows you that she has officially become a true New Yorker...standing amongst the high rises...taxis going by...on her cell, with not a worry in the world about anything going on around her :)
Also typical New Yorker pose...ignoring mom...waiting for someone to carry all her bags :)
And this is what I got when I asked for a ballet pose by the fountain this time.  Well, if she's gonna do this, then I am gonna post it!  What a talented ballerina we have!
The only pic she's sent me...of her getting a NY Public Library card...I guess she needed this to participate in National History Day as part of her Humanities class.  She is moving up in the world!
Wonder of wonders...she sent me a pic tonight at 11pm just as I was complaining. She's the best New Yorker ever! :)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Goodbye to Cross Country :(

 Well, our fav. runner is officially done with her XC season as of tonight.  Kinda sad really.  It was fun while it lasted.  And she really made some amazing improvements over the last 3 months.  I am so proud of her.  And I know she had some good times and made some great new friends along the journey.  It was a big invitational tonight so we just got home right around 10pm...thus why I am only posting a couple pics.   But she did great.  Unfortunately her time was worse bc the course was longer and she is also complaining of a bum foot so I think that was really bothering her.  So, that is a stinky way to end the season, but that's life.  She became an great runner over these last few months and I'm excited to see what next year will hold for her. For now she gets a break (though they are starting a running club that she will be on) and she can focus on violin and look forward to swimming/diving in January.
Celebratory Steak N Shake after the meet tonight!  Yumm!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Our missing boy is home!

Lots that went on today, but the best news is that our long, lost D-boy is home!  And he had a great time. He even said he ate chicken with bones in it AND broccoli! What in the world happened to our gaggy puking baby boy? He is all grown up!  He had a great time though.  And we made it through our day--Nina Stegs and I tagged teamed it and we made it! We all pulled in the drive shortly after 8:30pm.  Phew!  Kev was even home at the same at least I get to see my hubby for a little bit in the midst of his bosses in town. celebration of making it through the day, I am going to bed!  Night!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A day off, library fun, Ashley's first hike with her new GS troop...

No post tonight. I am just not in the mood. I am bracing for a day and night without Kev tomorrow which wouldn't be so bad except Wednesdays are the days/nights we really need three adults to help.  Should be "fun"!

Monday, September 26, 2016

A lowkey Monday, Bradford Woods, the faces of Logan...and a race to the finish

A quick post about our lowkey Monday....D went to Bradford Woods with's weird to have him gone for a couple days...having 3 kids seem like not enough! But he was excited to be gone!  Happy with his trashbag suitcase! I actually went home by myself for 2 hours...I felt a little anxiety actually having nothing to do, but I embraced it.  Both our wonderful preschool teachers told me to just eat bon I did...well, in nacho form. I sat and watched tv.  There was lots of other things to do, dishes, laundry...but I did none of them. And I was ok with it! And then it was off to the busy preschool sched.  And at visit to a new park for lunch...with a weird that a bunny leg?  Anyway...and the best part of the day was watching my Shelb run...she sprinted across the finish and was awesome...20th place...but I missed it bc this course was so odd.  But we celebrated with Subway!


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Shopkin Spa/Baking Party--Complete!

Well, I always thought boys were the rowdy ones...but these girls were amped up on energy today...and that was one crazy Shopkins Spa/Baking party.  Wildness!  Here's a few pics of the was lots of fun, but I am glad it's over! 




Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tball, soccer, party, party, tired!

A few pics of the day....Lo's 1st day of tball...he loved it...he was pretty good too. He kinda monopolized the game...but he had the skills!  And D had a rough soccer game...too hot, not enough breaks and he was dragging...but I think they won!  And Nina and Poppy were here to see the boys be sporty and took them out for lunch and treats :)  D had a fun party with a friend at our new Urban Air.  Very cool place. He wants to have his party there next time.  We'll see!  And it was all hands on deck for party planning. I have never been this far behind on things.  Thankfully everyone is helping. But we are going a little delirious.  Shelb was running laps at one point and Kev was doing jumping jacks.  And apparently our bathroom is big enough for crafting now.  That is what is has come to in the Steg house....