Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A day in Annapolis with my hubs ❤️

Well, it was a laid back, lazy day in Maryland with my hubs. We both slept in a little and he even let me sleep longer while he went down and got us our free bfast. It was nice to eat in bed and not rush to get up or get kids ready and fed. But I have found that dropping Hailey off in peace like this is not good for my mother's heart. I never felt sad or weepy last year dropping her off, but year 2 has hit me a little harder. I was not the happiest today. I honestly just wanted to go home. I think last year having the kids with us and just not having down time just didn't allow me to process my girl being gone. But there is too much quiet now and that allows for too much brain activity.  😉  Anyway, I tried to snap out of it and we headed to Annapolis. It was a beautiful day here and it was good to be outside and by the water. I love coastal areas and the feeling of fresh air. And Annapolis reminds me a bit of a less populated Boston.  We walked around a bit and got some postcards for my D-man (the city was pretty deserted til noon) and then took a ferry ride out in the bay. Kev loves his boat rides!  Then back to eat a yummy lunch by the water. And then a tour of the US Naval Academy. Cool place. Kev could have spent all day there I'm sure. Then we had delicious ice cream at a cool place. They collect spoons there so we colored a couple and left them for the collection. Then we drive out by the water and to a park where we could see the big bridge and a couple lighthouses.  Weird red sand there but pretty views!  And we finished the night with cheese and choc fondue!  Yay for an MP next to our hotel!  That was meant to be. Tomorrow we head home bright n early. Not ready to jump back into the craziness but ready to see the 4 babies I have left at home.

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