Sunday, September 18, 2016

A lovely Sunday

Well, it wasn't the loviest and most relaxing of Sundays....but it was still Sunday...and Sunday is better than most weekdays, right?!

We slept in and were gonna watch church online, but decided to just go to late service.  Then off to do more shopping...and poor Kev ended up gone til evening...cub scout meeting, violin duty and selling CS popcorn.  I was just on party duty with Ash at home. We chatting (more argued) about party plans.  That girl does not listen and has her definite opinions.  I guess that is what being 8 is about! haha :)  Anyway....we are now officially on bday week...yay!  She is excited!  Not sure I am ready to tackle another busy week. I feel too old to be running on empty like this.  But ready or not Monday is almost here!  One of the days I might start posting pics again...too much work right now :)

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