Monday, September 26, 2016

A lowkey Monday, Bradford Woods, the faces of Logan...and a race to the finish

A quick post about our lowkey Monday....D went to Bradford Woods with's weird to have him gone for a couple days...having 3 kids seem like not enough! But he was excited to be gone!  Happy with his trashbag suitcase! I actually went home by myself for 2 hours...I felt a little anxiety actually having nothing to do, but I embraced it.  Both our wonderful preschool teachers told me to just eat bon I did...well, in nacho form. I sat and watched tv.  There was lots of other things to do, dishes, laundry...but I did none of them. And I was ok with it! And then it was off to the busy preschool sched.  And at visit to a new park for lunch...with a weird that a bunny leg?  Anyway...and the best part of the day was watching my Shelb run...she sprinted across the finish and was awesome...20th place...but I missed it bc this course was so odd.  But we celebrated with Subway!


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