Friday, September 9, 2016

A Nina and Pops' Day...and our new cellist

Well, these pics are a bit out of order, but so be it!  Here's our lazy-ish day with Nina and Pops...well, Pops is never lazy...but we really tried not to work him hard :)

Here's our morning...Pops was on bus duty (by choice)...
 Nina was on Loggy duty (by choice)...he just loved his time playing with his Nina! They lined up dominoes...and played with cars and planes.
 They played catch...and laughed and laughed :)
 Always happy :)
 Good ol' Pops...patching and painting!
 Trying to get Hays' schedule all figured out...Lo sat and ate a donut while we were on the conference call...he was genuinely concerned for his Hayeee!
 More ball tossing!
 More painting! Pops rocks!
 We went to Chick-fila for a late lunch.  Loggy was pretty excited to see this cool cow (cow jumped over the moon). He pointed it out to the guy in charge and he walked over to the glass case and gave it to him for free!  YAY for a cool, new cow. He promptly named him "Whoppy". No idea why...maybe bc it rhymed with Poppy?
 Only Nina would steal a little boys ice cream when he was wasn't looking...caught in the act, Nina!
 Good thing he had a sense of humor about the ice cream theft!
 And this was tonight...instrument rental! Guess who is our new cellist?!
 And the wanna-be-cellist, who thinks she can be a multi-instrumentalist.
 Looking up seashells thanks to a new postcard from Dylan's!
 YAY!  26 more postcards came today...I think. I am losing count. He is now over 60 postcards...awesome. People are awesome!  He also got a signed picture from a famous sports guy. He was so excited!  I don't even know most of who is sending cool that people are so thoughtful!
 The new instrumentalist in the fam!  Not his first choice of instrument...he wanted violin...but I can totally see him playing cello.
 It's about the size of him too!
 I think he's warming up to the idea of a bigger instrument.
 A sunshine-y dinner...yummy pizza!  Lo was still asleep on the couch.
 Shelby raising a ruckus at the dinner table...singing the state song while running around the table many times.  She gives Pops a run for her money!
 Reading the many postcards at the dinner table.  Our own social studies project :)  Having Dylan read them was also an Language Arts lesson :)
 Beauty shop at the dinner table...never a dull moment :)
 Can't remember what this was about, but laughter is contagious! :)
 Pops the pony-tail man :)  Yes that thing on his head is a pony tail made by Ash :)
 First cellist lesson...given by the expert strings Steg of the house, of course :)
 She was very sure she was the expert! 
 A duet...if we add a few more instruments, we could be the Steg 7 (better than the Jackson 5!)
 Lo showing Pops his fav. puzzle!
 A speech lesson via Pops...teaching Loggy to say all the states correctly.
The chaos of the evening...never boring for sure!
 Silly boy sitting in a pink bin :)
 Nina, Lo and Whoppy...what could be better?!
 Finding his big score of postcards!
 Cellist-ing and bird-watching...

What a day...

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!