Sunday, September 11, 2016

An early 8th bday, Grandparent's Day, and helpful wasp-whisperer, Pops!

Sooo...another wonderful day.  Started with church...then some nice time at home with Nina and Pops...playing ball, watching tv, homework, shopping (Yes, Shelby is telling me she made an angel food cake just as good as Walmart's!)...just chillin'. And Shelb had a wonderful violin lesson...D sold cub scout popcorn at Kroger.  And we had a lil' surprise early bday celebration for Ash. She loved it.  She sooo wanted to celebrate with Nina and Pops and now she has.  A yummy dinner, ice cream cake, & fun gifts. She was in all her glory.  Oh and Pops proved himself handy yet again...this time killing about 45 wasps on our porch.  YAY, Pops!  He was awesome.   Oh and it was Grandparent's Day...yay for being able to spend it with two, awesome grandparents!
And in the midst of the day, we remember those lost 15 years ago on 9/11.  The date struck me this morning as my daughter walked to church in that very city where the destruction occurred all those years ago.  Surreal. Very grateful to those how have fought since that time to make our country free and as safe as possible. 


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