Thursday, September 8, 2016

First day of 11th grade...and jumping back into the crazy life...

Well, first full day back was the same as always...busy. Wouldn't have it any other way! :)
And our New Yorker started school....not a great start...but she started nevertheless...
She abliged me and had someone take a pic of her on her 1st day of 11th grade. I hate that I can't be there for days like this...but I think she probably likes it.  Less fuss, less pics, less crazy mama :)  But I wish I had been there today to help fix with her crazy schedule. NY schools drive me nutty. But she looked good on her first day! 
 We brought back some treats from Maryland for the kids. Truth be told they were from a Target there (well, Shelb's was from Trader Joe's...chocolate coffee beans!)...we dropped the ball and left Annapolis without going back to the cute lil' candy store. We peeked in it, but we never went back. Oh well...they were happy with generic Target treats.
 Nina treated the girls good while we were gone...Macarons!  And only 2 left.
 Trouble.  He was gone for awhile this morning and I found him locked in the bathroom doing this...wiping down my mirror with lots of water.
 Well-wishes to our Hays on her first day of school today...yay for 11th grade! Go, Junior Hays! We sent her a very energetic early morning video...I am sure it cheered her up.  Loggy was especially happy in it as you can see! :)
 Shananagans in the van this morn.
 One of the best parts of my day was talking to one of my bestest friends in MI...Ann....but while I was on the phone someone broke the lock on the girls' room and went to town with toys in their closet!  Stinker bro!
 Someone was excited to find out he was invited to a bday party today....he was especially excited to wrap the gift!  I think he wanted to keep the gift for himself though...
 He was excited about his gummies...but not so excited when he could not eat them bc he would not eat lunch.
Such a cute party gang...and Elijah was so that friend of ours!
 Party time at the mall!  He had a grand ol' time!  He actually got to ride on the toys and they moved! :)

 Gotta love dyed frosting!  He did!  Now waiting for the blue poop to follow :)
 YAY...6 more postcards today...5 from Michigan!  One of our fav. states!  Awesome!!  He was pretty excited!  Thanks, Ann, Melissa, and Nina and Pops!  Oh and our Ohio roadtrip one came too...yay!
 Not the best day for my boy...he was super, duper grumpy...started while I was on the phone, then got worse at the bday party...then even worse as the day went on...tears and throwing stuff.  Always hard the day after being with Nina and's a readjustment time...
 Loggy and I made a couple treats for our Hays...well, in her honor bc she's not here to enjoy them.  Go, 11th grader!
 Someone was pretty excited about her first ribbon for cross country...go 24th place!
 Finally...this girl was able to go to church core group.  But sadly I think she will have to pass on it from now on. She just has too much homework...and she is still up doing it. 
 Trying to deal with the academic mess in NY.  So frustrated....her and us. 
 Enjoying the first day of school snacks in honor of our fav. Junior!
 Really gotta get a new clone head of our girl!
 Dancing to violin tonight
 Wish I had room on my phone to video tape this...daddy singing "Puff the Magic Dragon".  Grammy award winning. :)
 Someone was outside!
 Nina and Pops were here!
 Check out the car Loggy made at the party...he has colored it all day. The kid loves to color.
 The gang...celebrating our long-lost-11th grader!
 Cutest thing ever...him decorating a cupcake for his Hayeeee...which we all know he was not planning on giving to her (even if she was here)...:)
 so cute :)
 LOL...he never lets any sugar go to waste...even on the counter...
He meant well, Hays.... :)

Well, the day was busy...too busy for our first day back...but that is our life.  And we just are going with life lately...bc it sure does not play out as you think sometimes....

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for our New Yorker :)

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