Thursday, September 22, 2016

First day of Fall...thankfully we were home tonight!

I know I am terribly behind on updating all this, but I hear it's good to stay current instead of going back and trying to I'm doing that today.  Here is our Thursday/first day of fall (yay!)

 Not the best one wanted to get up and for the first time this year Shelby was late to the bus and almost missed it. Thankfully the bus driver saw her running and stopped at our house. Phew.  I was going to get a pic of her in her twin outfit for spirit week, but missed it...but she was a twin with a girl from church who has the same One Girl tshirt.  Cute/easy outfit!
 Dentist...again. I feel we live here a week out of every 6 months.  It was D's turn and it was the first time he had to miss school for it. I never take my kids out of school for dental appts, but I had to do it to avoid a fee bc I forgot about an appt last week, so Dylan was the one who had to miss class. He was not happy. We had a nice hygienist, but she talked a lot and we were there 2 hours!  Poor D said he missed a lot of math and some other stuff.  Ugh.  Good thing he's only in 5th grade.  Lo was so good...and easily amused by stickers for those 2 hours.  Phew!
 Tee hee...very amused by stickers...
 Had to stop at the free game room on the way out.
 Walking D back to class...sweet brothers!
 Doing his homework and chilling at home for a couple hours, while mama baked cakes for the Shopkins party on Sunday.  He was a good boy. He loves doing his homework. He is very detail-oriented.  It's cute how long and hard he works on his hw.
 I almost missed reading the middle school announcements today bc I was so tired.  But thankfully I saw them.  Check out who's name is there!  Go, 14th place, winner, Shelb!
 Here's a couple pics from last night at her county meet....she got 14th out of all the schools for JV...I think there were 7 schools there...maybe 70 girls for JV?  Maybe more.  Here is her strong finish! She beat out 2 of her teammates at the end. She is a great finisher!  I love her face, but she says it's her "I have to pee face"...she had raced to this race from violin and had gotten no break since she got out of school.  The first thing she did after the finish was pee!
 Getting her 14th place ribbon. She was so surprised, I think.

 The 4 JV girl winners!
 Today was the DQ run for XC. The team all ran together to DQ for a treat.  Yumm! It was a HOT day and good day for ice cream.  I wish it would cool down now that fall is here. 
 We stayed in the van and didn't crash the ice cream party, plus Lo was finally napping.  He was having a dream about eating and was actually trying to put stuff in his was funny!
 The creepy Steg eye!  Always good for a laugh :)
 The runner and her reward!
 Ash got lots of cards today...a cool one from Nina and Poppy Stegs! She finds the coolest Papyrus cards.
 Auntie Ann and family in MI sent her a cute card and stickers/tattoos!
 Auntie Mary and Great-grandma sent fun cards too!  We are very blessed by so many people that love on and think of our kids on their bdays!
 More postcards from around the world...he is up to 249 now! 
 Practicing his bow hold for cello.  Not bad!
 Not good.  This looks like guitar hold not bow...
 Where we are now...a ridiculous project...all had to be done this week. The topic:  Platinum in Zimbabwe. Why?  Pointless and stressful.  Kids do not need this much homework/busy work.  I've never researched a more boring subject.
A fun pic from last!  Bday girl cracks me up. We had to use clone head bc the real deal was at the ballet!

That's all I got.  This weekend will be on Sunday and have done nothing for it...not to mention our weekends are busy anyway.  Sigh.  I need a vacation. Which we might just get if we rush off to NYC in 2 weeks...

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!