Friday, September 23, 2016

Fun Farmer Cake Friday

Short was Farmer Friday for Shelb...last day of Spirit Week at school followed by a Farmer dance tonight!  She had fun!  And she made a pretty cute farmer girl!  And Lo and I made the party cake today.  He was a big helper. He made his own was pretty cute....lots of balled-up fondant (3/4 of which he ate)...the fondant looked like poop balls on his cake :)  I finally got the ultra rare pink Wishes cake done...phew.  I was in no mood to do another cake.  And that mouth on Wishes gave me a run for my money.  Then Shelb ate a couple of my mouth examples.  Oops.  But in the end Ash was happy with it.  Glad she chose this cake and not the harder one I wanted to make! Now I really need to plan the party tomorrow! lol! :)  Nothing like last minute.  And Ash and Dyl went on Fun Friday with their friends.  It was was weird only having Loggy for dinner with us. He seemed a little bored with us! lol :)  
Time for bed!

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