Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Home is where the heart (and craziness!) is! :)

We are home...back to the craziness.  Yikes!  I am not complaining, but I sure wish I felt more rested to tackle it all.  We actually got home early too...I wish it had been about 20 minutes earlier though bc we missed Shelby running her meet by that amount of time.  Bummer.  But we did get to dig right into the activity schedule! Oh boy.  Anyway, here's pics of the day...of our exciting drive and our time home tonight.  And Dylan with his 23 postcards that he got over the last couple days. I didn't even know who 22 of them came from.  Must be friends of friends. And a half dozen were from out of the country. Cool! He is so excited to bring them to school tomorrow.  Thank you to one and all for helping with this!  And special thanks to Nina and Poppy for tackling the crazy Steg schedule for so long! 

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