Saturday, September 3, 2016

Last day "home"

Almost midnight and we are cleaning and packing and not nearly ready to make our east coast drive. So pics and words will have to come later. Seems like our Hays was just beginning her summer in the panhandle of FL and now it's done. It's back to her second home and back to reality. Tis life! 😉

 So apparently cleaning at midnight keeps me awake til I am updating this with pics. No commentary bc I do need some sleep before my 5am wake up call. :)  Here's our last day with our NYC girl...none of us really slept in...which was a bummer bc now we will be getting up very early.  Oh well..we are used to no sleep. I tried to make a nice bfast...nothing fancy...Hays wanted banana bread so I made her that...then made choc. chip pancakes and sausage and bacon.  It hit the spot.  Shelb had to rush off to a BTV (school) car wash fundraiser, thankfully near our house. Hays rushed off to meet a friend for coffee.  We packed and got a few things ready for her...we made her a sign out of gum (gum is our theme this year (other kids got that too for school starting) I think she likes gum)  We replanted her cacti and succulents...and got her a new one to add to her NYC dorm window.  These are all the rage for dorms apparently :)  And then we raced off to Indy. It was really not my intention to do this our final day here...but rain on previous weekends and a busy life, left us with no other choice.  Plus it made sense to do it on the day we'd drop the 4 youngest off at Nina and Poppy's (near Indy).  So off, we went. I don't think Hays was thrilled bc she was not feeling well and not packed yet.  But she abliged. We did the paddle boats.  Got two of them, but later realized we could have just shared one and saved ourselves money and some peddling.  Oh well...exercise is good.  Then we ate at a yummy new pizza place in Indy ( Chipotle but pizza-style. Pizza baked in 180 seconds. It was pretty good!).  Then we hit a cupcake place and got Ash some bday cupcakes.  She hates not having her biggest sis here on her bday so we always make a point to celebrate. Hays got her a very soft blankie that Ash LOVED!  And we stopped at a park in Plainfield to sing to Ash and eat her bday treats. She was happy :)  Then said our goodbyes and left the kids behind.  Will be weird to be in NYC without them.  Now we are all packed and ready...and in need of sleep. Not sure I am psyched about this trip, especially with a hurricane in the forecast...but hopefully it all works out.  Gonna miss our girl...been great having her home, but time for us all to get back to our "new normal"


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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!