Monday, September 12, 2016

Loggy starts new preschool (rough start)...bye bye Nina & Pops...postcards galore!!


Well this was an emotionally draining day. I have got to give into the exhaustion. Let's just say I have never gotten teary eyed over one of my kids going to school but today tugged at my heartstrings. I felt I betrayed my Lo a bit as he was plucked from my arms and forced to join a new preschool family. It was heart wrenching to see his little face and know how scared he was. Nina and pops witnessed it too. Sad. But 3 hrs later the end result was a happy boy who had a great day. Phew!  So relieved.  And our house is a little quieter tonight w/ Nina and pops gone. We miss them!  And I have to mention that the mail situation is unreal!  48 postcards today. Dyl is up to 126!  Crazy!  I will have to do a post just on postcards.  Unreal how many we are getting from across the world. So fun and so grateful to all who have helped.

I will post pics tomorrow. I have got to get some zzzz's!


Nathalie said...

Hu Kelly it is Nathalie french fan club. I havent your new adress to send postcards to Dylan. Please iyiu kept my mail adress give it to lme. Xo xi. Nathalie

Nathalie said...

Sorry I had not my glasses. Made mistakes to wrrite Nathalie