Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Not sure we are gonna survive this year

 A lil' update...More postcards for D!  My day with Logster.  D's first trip to the dermatologist...frozen warts and bug juice on his molluscum.  Fun!  Cub Scout popcorn kick-off and some new violin technique! :)

I am not sure we are gonna make it through this school year intact.  We have 5 kids at 5 schools and it looks like one will be going to another school (online!) this week as well.  There has been one hassle after another this week and it is only Tuesday.  I never understood how busy 5 kids could be til now.  The looney bin needs to prepare a place for me. I am on my way. And honestly that seems more enticing than our life right now.

Pics and normal posts might be at a standstill til October.  I miss my old life that I thought was crazy, but was not....sigh.

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