Friday, September 2, 2016

One more day with our NYC girl at home

Well, the pics I have don't really reflect the title...but this time tomorrow, we will be all packed up ready to go to the Big Apple. Our ballerina girl is going back to her 2nd home....but we can't dwell on her leaving us is busy with or without our oldest girl home!
 Someone was up bright and early working on his wagon again...thought it was done yesterday, but no can do!
 We had to decorate the inside!
 Nice!  Maybe he will be an art major some day...or a maker of blingy wagons!
 Last day of IU college ballet.  She had a good class...2nd day of a PNB teacher.  She loves her Balanchine teachers!  And she had a good time after...with her friend, Olivia, at McAlisters.  Yumm!
 All done!  And he had to put the wagon handle on his nose like Pinocchio!
 He looks like a little man to me today, especially cool with his socks that he HAD to wear!
 Had to try the wagon out!
 And parade around the house since mama will miss the parade next Wed.  Daddy did good on those wheels, though one kept falling off!
 Lo really did do a good job!
 To celebrate being done with the wagon, we had hot chocolate!  His idea.
 Excited about the mail excited that he went out in his socks!
 YAY...NC!  Thanks, Aunt Janet and Uncle the airplane on the front too...fitting since it's from some of our fav. family pilots!
 Picture grateful to Frances for taking some pics of us on her 20 acres.  Such a pretty area out there!  Her Rottweilers loved us too :)
 Celebratory post-picture DQ!  Yumm!
Chores...gotta get the house spic n span for Nina and Poppy Stegs to stay here...and gotta get packing! 
Soon this room will be empty again...stinks :(

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