Monday, September 5, 2016

Our New Yorker is back in her 2nd home and we are checking out Maryland

Our ballerina is back to her high rise "home".  It felt weird to drop her off today. Not sure why. Maybe bc there was no hooplah surrounding fan club of 4 extra in tow...very anticlimactic. We actually showed up to the dorms early and they wouldn't let us in.  We are never early. Just weird and she didn't really need our help or probably want us hanging out in her room, but we were there anyway.  It took her a few hours to get situated and move furniture around.  We took her out to her fav food place, Indie, across the street and then we were off to our next destination. Felt weird to have no tag a longs and no drama. But I actually miss it and somehow feel
more drained. I think the other kids are actually a nice distraction of the sadness my heart feels when our family is minus one again. I just feel down tonight. I know my Hays is happy and that brings me joy, but I hate the void our family feels with her gone. Hopefully a good night's sleep will snap me out if this and I can enjoy our belated anniversary in Annapolis. And praying this is our ballerina's best year yet!

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