Monday, September 19, 2016

Something's gotta give.

Well, we have come to a brick wall in our lives.

Something has got to give...or we are all gonna lose it...all members of the Steg family included.

Unfortunately it looks like the "gotta give" is preschool.  I am not sure Loggy is meant to be a double-preschooler. This breaks my heart a bit, bc the one we will have to pull him from will be the one I love and have loved for 13 years.  Sigh.  But he threw a huge fit today at our field trip and then said he didn't want to go to new preschool.  I think it's all too much for a 3 year old.  But I am sad about all this.  I would miss the atmosphere and wonderful people at church if we dropped out. 

And the running to and fro is too much.  I need to find some places to send my kids (school!) that is near our house. 

And on a very side note we are all mixed up in high school transcripts again...thanks to having to register our New Yorker for online courses that she would not have to take had her NYC public school been able to provide them for her.

So many issues to fix, so little time.

Tired.  Wanting a new outlook on life. Needing a vacation. 

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