Saturday, September 17, 2016

Super Soggy Saturday--XC, lil' soccer and an infection

Well, I was not terribly sad it was raining when we woke up bright and early at 6am...but unfortunately that did not mean all outdoor activities were canceled.  Shelb's big, huge Eagle Classic meet in Nashville was still ON!  So out the door she went before school would even start normally...and I followed not much later on my own driving to Nashville.  It was a day I wish I had someone with me...just was a bummer to be there alone.  But Kev had to stay home for soccer duty.  D's soccer was of course canceled bc even a sprinkle causes those fields to be a mud bath!  But, Lo's Fall ball was still on since it's indoor, and he had his first soccer game.  I guess he dominated the game and got both goals.  Daddy said he mostly had to work on letting the teammates get the ball bc I guess Lo just wanted to kick that ball in the goal all by himself.  That's my boy!  And the meet for Shelb was an absolute muddy mess.  Kids were slipping and falling and injuring themselves and one kid actually ran with only one shoe bc his came off in the mud. Apparently it is legal to run with one shoe. It was a mess of a run, but funny to watch too.  Like 500 kids ran from all over Indiana....6 races (3 girls, 3 boy)  Shelb was JV and I was proud of her.  Had she been in the alternate race (slowest runners), she probably would have won a ribbon. But she did great.  She ran in the middle of the middle pack and never fell! Of course, my phone couldn't take any pics so I have nothing really to share.  So, that was pretty much our day.  I was in Nashville til 1pm with Shelb, and Kev was at soccer.  Then we spent the other half of the day shopping for bday gifts and planning a party.  And then the evening has been a bummer for D.  Found out he has an infection from his molluscum treatment.  A red-lined rash from his wrist to his armpit.  So we had to make an emergency call to the dermatologist and a late night drive to our one open pharmacy across town.  Let's just say the 1130pm med call for D did not go well. He spit out the pill and was not at all aware of what was going on.  Poor kid. I feel badly bc he has been complaining of pain all week and we dismissed it.  I hope he can swallow these horse pills tomorrow and feel better!

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!