Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tball, soccer, party, party, tired!

A few pics of the day....Lo's 1st day of tball...he loved it...he was pretty good too. He kinda monopolized the game...but he had the skills!  And D had a rough soccer game...too hot, not enough breaks and he was dragging...but I think they won!  And Nina and Poppy were here to see the boys be sporty and took them out for lunch and treats :)  D had a fun party with a friend at our new Urban Air.  Very cool place. He wants to have his party there next time.  We'll see!  And it was all hands on deck for party planning. I have never been this far behind on things.  Thankfully everyone is helping. But we are going a little delirious.  Shelb was running laps at one point and Kev was doing jumping jacks.  And apparently our bathroom is big enough for crafting now.  That is what is has come to in the Steg house....

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