Thursday, September 1, 2016

Thank goodness for slower days!

I have been looking forward to this day all week. Thursdays are good days...slower days.  YAY for that!
 We started off the morning at school-drop-off...same as every day.  Dylan's best bud happened to be there early too...and he chatted it up outside our van.  I took a funny pic that I thought made him look like a ghost outside our van :) lol :)
 We started on our wagon for preschool...he got a little independent and while I was changing upstairs, he got out his dot markers and went to town. Thankfully he was neat...for once.
Hayeee sorta helped....
 It was shopping day for the high rise dorn!  Wally World was the best/closest option.  Lo was very helpful.
 YAY, finally found it...a Shopkin edible image!  Been looking for it for Ashley's cookie cake for school bc we have to have store bought bday goodies.  Now that Sept is here Ash is on the 8th bday countdown! 20 more days!
 Someone was caught in the act...stealing money from big bro!  He looks innocent doesn't he?
 We found the perfect Halloween costumes at TJMaxx!  The darling duo...a doughnut and a banana split!
 LOL...cutest Nemo ever!
 Mad at us for not playing hide-n-seek at the doctor's...on a positive note, Hailey passed her TB test with flying colors!
 Daddy finally steps in to help with the wagon and add some wheels.
 Eating his popsicle in his undies!
 Poor Daddy...apparently we don't have a drill right now and he had to improvise to make some holes in wood.  He managed...he's a handy guy!
 Decorating the wheels in his undies.  I think he had gotten yogurt on his :)
 Getting prepped for Nina and Poppy Stegs to watch the kids while we are in NYC.  Does anyone else do this for lunches...have a list. I am too braindead in the morning to think of what goes in my kids' lunches.  And our old list from last year was in sad shape.
 All done...daddy added the rope and handle!  Now we have to decide if Mickey, Scooby or the snake are going to ride in the parade at preschool!  He wants all three.
 Last day of precollege ballet with the girls.  It's been weird that she drives herself to and from every time.  I miss seeing the moms in the cars and the girls walk out...but a big part of me likes being home too.  She's old enough to do this on her own and I'm getting too old to be out late at night picking her up anyway :)
 Poor daddy...fell asleep doing this...can you tell what it is?  We have photos tomorrow with my fav. photographer.  She is the best to squeeze us in and let us come to our house.  It might be the last time Hailey is home til mid-Dec.  Gotta snag the opportunity.

We are still tired, but today was a better day.  I cannot handle the going-from-one-thing-to-another.  Need down time!  So grateful for today.


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