Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Pokemon card-Dylan, Movie Star-Ashley, Hippie-Shelby and Airplane-Loggy!

 A few pics of the evening...I love Ash's costume...she has been waiting forever to wear it!  We spent the most time on her, doing up her hair, makeup and finding jewelry, etc.  She was in her element, especially in Nina Stegs' old gold shoes :)
 The costume finally got done...Pokemon turned out pretty good. D was happy and he was pretty popular around the 'hood.  Kids were pointing at him, cars were stopping...Pokemon is all the rage :)
 Beautiful Hippie her colorful costume too :)

 LOL...airplane Lo...daddy even made him a runway...and he was ready for takeoff!
 Trick or Treating around the 'hood!  It was hopping. Our street was the drop off place.
 Best part of the evening for Lo was sitting in the wagon eating all his candy.
 Love this sweet boy...waiting for trick-or-treaters...he loved to hand out candy!
 The loot!  Soooo much candy!
LOL...Ashley's idea...Hailey in the popcorn container...
Because she WAS popcorn today for her ballet class.  She worked hard on this costume...lots of puff balls.  And I love her classmate who was a soda fountain.  Most of the rest of her class was animals...but we didn't know this when she planned out her costume in Sept.  But every zoo needs concessions...and elephants like popcorn :)  Too funny (see below). She had a good time dancing for the donors and going to a Halloween party tonight at a friend's house :)  And a pic of her whole class...animals and some other random things...can you spot our fav. popcorn?  Love her teacher... aka Hillary :)

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pumpkins (carved!) and double trunk n treats!

pics to come...up late once again...:(
Here's a few pics...two trunk n treats at churches near school...a little food fun for Halloween...and pumpkin carving fun.  More details later....time to catch some zzzzz's