Sunday, October 2, 2016

A blah day and a trip to a pumpkin patch (lotsa pics!)

 I am going to try to write more tomorrow, but chances are this is all that will be on here.  I am in a fall-funk. This is odd for me bc I normally love fall, but I feel like somehow summer was just non-existent and now we are to the overcast, cold season.  Even the thought of pumpkins and fall foliage is not getting me jazzed like normal.  Not sure what to do about that?  Anyway...we had to get up early to go to church to help...I didn't even have the energy to stay to watch service...we watched it on the live-feed at home.  And we were all gung-ho (well sorta) to go on a long drive to one of our fav. orchards/patches (Hubers).  And then Shelb blurts out, "what about my violin lesson?"  Oops....totally forgot about it.  Totally. It was one thing I left off the October calendar when I filled it out last week.  Ugh.  So...between the lesson and Kev needing to go on s work dinner, we had only enough time to stay in town for a patch visit. Soooo, it was off to the patch from yesterday.  I was not jazzed.  The kids weren't super excited (except Ash who loved being there yesterday).  Shelb was complaining of complete boredom on the hay ride...which ended up not even going to a pumpkin patch.  We walked to it later on (and it was just pumpkins on a lawn), which was right next to the parking lot. Go figure. But it ended up being a beautiful day and warm and sunny, and things perked up and this farm was actually quite nice.  We actually did walk to a real patch and got a pumpkin off a vine...and we met a popcorn-eating mini pony.  And we got our Hayeeee a cute lil' pumpkin!  Plus we took a pic of her with us (sorta) :)  I think sometimes my funk in these situations is that we don't have her with us anymore. It does stink.  I feel like I have a sheep lost from our fold.  I guess it's ok to be sad sometimes about this.  I miss that girl, but in a 6 days we'll see her :)


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Nancy Gritter said...

Awwww, LOVE all the PUMPKIN pics!! You know how much I love to go do that!! The kids are all looking so TALL!!! Those long legs and Dylan especially, is growing alot!! Love that long pumpkin you are holding up Kel, its different and I love the shape!! Love Logees smiles, and how the kids can have fun no matter what! Love the pic of Dylan holding Logee! Looked like a nice day! At least ya didnt have any rain!! Is this at the same place as the Christmas trees? Looks like the little cabin and the popcorn..? Mom