Friday, October 14, 2016

A busy, but nice October Friday

Well, Friday was better than Thursday.  I guess that's good.  The only thing bad about it is that I am alone tonight...well, not alone, but husband-less.  That is never the best scenario. But cub scout camping called his name. was a long day and now it is past midnight, so I will make this short...well, short-worded...lots of pics (I had fun with my little guy today...and he makes me laugh, so you have to endure many pics! :))

 6am started just like it had ended at midnight...doing the flipbook.  And guess ended up not being due today bc only D and one other kid did it in their class.  Huh? I hope he gets bonus points for having it done and sacrificing 3 hours of sleep...well 9 hours if you count all three of us!  Grr!!
 The only positive of an early morning wake-up...a beautiful fall sky.
 This little man is seriously the sweetest lately. I didn't even ask him to carry in groceries, but he did it. And then I found little piles of folded towels in the loft. He had been doing laundry on his own.  I heart this little 3 year old!
 I have wanted to go out for a walk all week...and it was just the perfect off we went with Lo and Dora :)  All smiles :)
 It was a dandy day for dandelions.  He was on a mission to pick them all...I am sure our neighbors were grateful for the free weed-picking!
 He'd pick one and put it in his basket!
 Awww...he melts my heart on his little trike
 Finding berries...
 Not amused at what was inside.
 Definitely not amused
 Finding a fruit/seede ball in the road
 laughing so hard when we threw it and it just rolled and rolled.  Oh to have such joy over small things :)
 Mr. Independent
 Cracking up over this non-yellow dandelion :)
 Oh so fun!
 Our one path of trees that are starting to change...
 We decided to collect leaves.  I waited til November last time and they were all brown and gross.  This Thanksgiving I will have prettier placemats!
 He was very diligent in helping!
 But not so diligent to take a nice pic :) lol!
 He is a kid of many faces!
 He is definitely my comic relief every day....
 But he is as sweet as all get-out!
 Kicking another fruit ball!
 Throwing leaves in the air with gusto!
 Dandelions for mom :)
 My sweetness :)
 Finding more weeds by the playground!
 His idea :)
 Have I mentioned he likes to climb...and then balance...daredevil?
 All the flowers for me...and one purple for his Hayeeeee!
 Guarding the flowers
 Telling me how he was going to send one to Hayeeee :)
 A few moments of peace and cheese!
 He rested while I packed for D for camping
 Ash was part of the IU Homecoming Parade today with her GS troop. This float was awesome...played very cool music.
 Our fav. place to walk with Nina!
 All decked out in GS/IU gear!
 LOL!  Mrs. Liv is an awesome leader...maybe a little crazy, but we Stegs like crazy :)  And we love our friend, Neva too!
 The GS gang!  They had a ball, I think. I wish I could have been a part of it, but since Kev was CS camping with D, I had to go with Shelb to her event.  Having this many kids in things is getting tricky!
 Lo helped with cook-out prep. He was cracking up bc the knife got stuck in his shirt :)
 Hat Day at middle school
 He actually is very good at cutting things.  And on a sidenote, I had no idea how much kids love strawberries. This bowl full was probably the first thing gone at the cook-out.
 Cross country group cook-out for school at one of the player's houses.  Very cool place with tons of land for the 60 plus kids to run!  Lo just loved this playset.
 And especially loved the teeter totter :)

 The food was awesome...bbq pork...yumm!
 Cheetos and a cookie...the staples of life :)  I threw the apples on the plate, but I ended up eating them
 LOL...Shelby and her buds acting like kids...which they are entitled to do :)
 A great group of parents and kids...and coaches...around the campfire.  The BMS XC family is the best!
And Hailey and her roomie at the ballet.  Not sure of the exact name of it, but had Firebird in it.  I need to get more up on ballets! is time to go to bed...bc we are all camping tomorrow...oh joy!

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!