Monday, October 3, 2016

A daddy-less day

Well, our day was a blurr.  Daddy-less days are like that, especially daddy-less Mondays and Wednesdays when we are in need of his help midday. But we managed thanks to the help of friends. Phew!  Here's a few pics of the day...

 Lo and I in between "old" and "new" preschool. We have been picking a new location for our lunches every day bc we cannot go home, but today we went back to the hidden park we like.  We took a pic to say hi to Nina. He is not photogenic lately...or maybe this is photogenic...he is a spitfire for sure!
 He loves climbing all things.
 He picked a berry that he said I must give to Hayeeee this week.  So it's will be on its way to NYC on Friday. 
 Waiting for new preschool. 
 Look who helped pick up Lo from new preschool today..."Bobby!" (aka Shelby)...he was excited...waiting at the fence waving to us when we drove up, but then he denied his excitement when she wanted to hold his hand. 
 Thumbs up for dinner...we sent this to daddy who was still in work meetings at dinner time. Poor guy.  We could be a commercial for Log Cabin!
 Double-preschool is exhausting!  I have felt pretty good the last week about doing both preschools, but today I reconsidered again. This kid is wiped by 6 hours of school in a day.  He slept for 4 hours and then would not go to sleep tonight.  Grrr.
 After soccer we found a frog...big brother helped us catch it for show n tell on Wednesday bc it is coincidentally frog week! frog!
 Last day of gymnastics...bittersweet.  But she is moving onto ice skating next week.
 She has gotten good at cartwheels.
 And balance beam....they all got free tshirts today. Nice!
 Normally this last day is bring-a-friend day and we planned on that and she had asked her new bestie from school...but they decided to give out free tshirts instead.  Oh well.  Ash was bummed...but I was happier with the tshirt....not sure we could have added on taking a friend today.  It was a nutty day and night.
 One more ribbon...which also means she gets another free tshirt bc she has 7 ribbons now!
 Shelb helped at school tonight...videotaping the football game for her BTV class.  It was her first football game. 
 Who's that blurry soccer star?
 She may not be doing gymnastics anymore, but you can't take the gymnast out of her!
 It's a good thing this one is sticking to violin!
LOL...and this one is a hoot!

It's Monday and feels like Friday. I always have a new respect for single parents when I tackle days and weeks like this. 

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