Thursday, October 27, 2016

A down/sick day

Well, it was not the day I had anticipated, but maybe that isn't a bad thing. I had a large list of to-do's, but I am beginning to think God doesn't really want me to accomplish them, but to be ok with just not doing much this week.  The lost list a couple days ago was a first clue...and being sick most of last night and having to sleep in today to get a couple hours of sleep was the 2nd clue.  I'll take it. Thankfully it was a morning Kev could take the kids to school. So I didn't get up til Loggy did at 815.  Nice.  Just wish I had slept more than a couple hours the whole night.  Bc I struggled all day today to just think straight.  But here is a rundown of our slow day.

 Lo's entertainment....I think I have have mentioned he likes to tie things together.  It's a weird obsession and not always the safest thing to I have to keep an eye on him...
 Not sure what kind of career you can have with tying stuff together, but if there is one, he will have it!
 Went to my least fav. place...and bought something I have never bought at a store...a pumpkin. We always get them at patches or orchards, but they are the cheapest here so I went for it bc we needed 2 more. 
 Ash had been begging to make Halloween cookies and decorate them. So Lo and I got to work and made a small batch of easy sugar cookies. He really got into it :)  He is such a sweet boy.
 His idea to get out the spatula :)  We ran out of time to decorate them tonight...maybe tomorrow...or later....
 The color is just about gone...but I think our best color has been outside our sunroom.  He abliged me and took a pic...of course I had to bribe him with candy (on his head) :)
 He is the most diligent 3 year old artist I know. His teachers even comment on it.  He is making some artwork for his Hayeee...but it is taking him a very long time...3 days to be exact. He is a bit OCD about staying in the lines and coloring everything.
 He made a bird feeder at preschool...he wanted to hang it right here!  Let's hope a squirrel does not steal this one like the ones we made before.
 I picked up my Shelb today from school.  I don't do this often, but we had to drop off some donations for her BTV chili supper coming up...and in our time in between school pick-ups, we headed to SB!  She asks Hailey every time they talk if she got SB today?  Now she can tell her, she did!  Plus they had a pretty tree so she stood under with her Strawberries and Cream Frappachino.  She's got some long legs too!
 LOVE!  Had Ashley's conference today.  And she wrote this to us. I love it.  Love that we are the "senter of her harte" :)  Apparently her reading scores are off the charts. Her teacher said she is reading at a 4th/5th grade level and she has never seen reading scores that high. Wow, Ash! 
 Ice skating night.  Lo loved it.  He played hide n seek with the zamboni. When it drove by, he would hide.
 When it passed, he would reappear!
 Ready to skate!
 Working hard in her class!
 She was the first to show off a new skill!
 Skating on her own...a pic through the glass. And she found a new friend, who happens to be one of Logan's preschool friend's sisters.  Small world.
 A very late dinner since ice-skating went late and daddy had a homeowners meeting.  I thought the meal was a bust bc I had to make it early and would have been better if it were fresher.  But the kids actually liked it.  I just think they were starving and didn't notice it could be better.  It's called Bats and Cobwebs (Bats are bowtie pasta and the mozzarella cheese is the cobwebs...sort of a Halloween-y dish...we've made one similar to it at the old house)
 Not as cobwebby as I would have liked.  Real mozzarella would have helped.
 Shelb was working on a BTV interview tonight with her sibs. It was pretty funny how honest they were about how they felt about her.
 Ash checked this out from the school library today.  LOL.  I have noticed a lot of things have Pops in them lately...but our Pops is way cuter than this one :)
Daddy up late working on D's costume.  I was not sure it would get done, but daddy figured out how.  Always late minute!

That's the day. I just pray I get more sleep tonight...we all do. We all need it.

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!