Sunday, October 16, 2016

A tired Sunday

A quick recap of our Sunday via pics (more to come)...

 First up...Hailey was up before us and off to Central Park for the Breast Cancer walk.  Fun and for a great cause!
 The early morning camp-risers...
 Packing up early.  Sometimes we don't ask why the kids do what they do and why they look the way they look...Lo?  D?
 Stegs with sticks...need we say more?
 We headed to the Pioneer Village (since we were camping at Spring Mill)...we have taken family pics here a couple pretty.  Ash loved the leaves!
 We saw the mill rarely is in working session, but we happened to be there at the same time it was. Cool! And, yes, we are all in pjs...lookin' good!
 Remember this place where we had our pics taken many years ago (pre-Logan)...And Shelb saw a bee and could not is her re-enactment :)  And Lo is our new Hailey :)  Too bad we don't at all look picture-pretty....but we sure do look nice and comfy in pj's :)
 While Kev took Shelb to her violin lesson and went to his cub scout meeting, we watched church online.
 Then we went to Sue Sue's...she shared her leaves with us---she had plenty to go around! Fun!
 The Steg kids dug right in...sweeping leaves...their idea.  Thankfully Sue Sue had 4 brooms, so it worked out perfect. They loved it and it helped Sue Sue out. 
 Take a break and laying on the leaf bed!
 Someone was pretty excited about her bday gifts...a cool Lego set and a new Glow Pet Unicorn!
 We tried to wear Henry out!
 Someone had a very swollen ear...something bit him at camping, I think. It is double it's size. Ouch!
Someone got another bloody nose's his 3rd one this month, I think.  Poor kid.  He is so accident-prone.

That was our day...a pretty sleepless night of camping (cub scouts are chatty!)...and a busy day of this and that. I fell asleep at one point during the day and the kids bickered a lot. But we did get to talk to our Hays on facetime too and that is always good.  Now, time to tackle a new week :)

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