Friday, October 21, 2016

Art, a lazy day, movie night and a walk-a-thon/lock-in

TGIF...and this one is a good Friday bc we didn't have to go anywhere (well, except for picking up our girl at school at 10pm...hence where Kev is and why I am blogging :))
Here's our day...
Started at midnight with Shelb still working on her England Exchange essay. She is hoping to get chosen to go to England with her BTV class in June.  Not sure what the odds are since they have only have 10 spots and she's a 7th grader, but her essay was good. :)

 It was field trip day with my Asher!  Whohoo! 
 She was obviously overjoyed to be going to the IU Art Museum :)
 Her fav. part of the trip was this part...seeing the Egyptian mummy stuff. She had me google where to see real mummies...and apparently a big exhibit goes to NYC the day after Hailey's we now HAVE to go to that in the next year while it is there!  She reminds me of Hailey...very inquisitive about things...and Hailey loved hieroglyphics too.
 Going to the museum with 2nd graders is quite comical.  Actually this was the first time I have laughed quite a few times by what the kids have asked.  This statue (below) was one of the funny things. The docent was saying something about candy and kids and why this statue (a hindu one) had such a big belly...and the kids thought she said that he was big bc he ate children :)  It was pretty funny :)

 I love how it's still ok in 2nd grade to hold hands.  :)
 Below was an "almost" conversation about God, Jesus, Angels, etc....These kids had LOTS of questions...and there was not enough time to get into a religious debate :)

 I love this painting (above) reminds me of something my grandma Fergie would have loved. She loved art and loved abstract things...
 The kids told our volunteer guide that this painting belonged in the "messy painting museum".  So funny.  They were not impressed :)
 Students had just made a big replica of the painting inside the museum...and it was made with cloth and yarn and sitting in the foyer. Very cool. I think it was Ashley's fav. artwork, aside from the mummy stuff.
 Gotta take a group pic in front of the art outside the museum...of course Ash stepped in the mud on the way out to the sculpture...
 Her good boots least the mud matched her boots!
 I was so happy to get home to my warm house (it's cold out!) and snuggle with my boy.  We watched some Halloween cartoons...and just chilled.  And somehow before I got a chance to read to him, I fell fast asleep.  I am definitely not getting enough sleep these days. 
 The rain took some of our pretty foliage by school away :(
 Seriously...the leaves at school are the prettiest...some are gone, but it's still pretty...
 Love this tree!  D amused me and posed by it.  He had orange on so it was fitting!  But, when in the world did he grow such long legs?
 LOL!  He's a goofball!
 The pic doesn't do the foliage was pretty...and the boy is handsome too! :)
 Love this laid back boy!
 Playing air hockey with my baby...happy when he wins...
 Not so happy when mama wins...he is quite competitive
 Yummy dinner...crazy kids!
 Special' idea....they wanted oreo shakes...and D came up with the idea to have Halloween popcorn, of course!
 Shakes, popcorn and Halloween movie!  I think they watched Alvin and the Chipmunks--some Halloween version
 We haven't seen Shelby since 7am...she stayed after school for her fundraising walk-a-thon and lock-in. She got enough money raised to get special treats. And it looks like her friends stayed too. She sent me these fun pics :)
LOL...human bouncy balls!  Looks fun, but nauseating! 

And my Hays is doing well too...busy day of school and ballet, I am she mailed in her first online test (Physics!)...and made some money too assisting with a ballet class.  Tonight she was sewing pointe shoes and heading to bed early. Oh the exciting life of a New Yorker!

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