Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Boredom is bad!

Well, trouble seems to follow a certain someone in our home...and today was one of those days. Or rather, yesterday...at least I think it was yesterday.  But the discovery was not made til today.  

I walked in from a wonderful day of walking the IU campus to find this. 

 At first, I thought my eyes were deceiving me. And maybe someone had just laid some art supplies under Hailey's desk. But the art supplies were not just laying there. They had been used.  And it was obvious right away. 
 He was still in the van when I discovered this and you can imagine my whooping and hollering.  He came in with his head hanging low. But honestly did not seem that forlorn about the whole thing. He said he, "had nothing else to do last night" so that's why he did it.  And he did it while daddy was helping Dylan with homework. Not sure this is correct since Dylan was at soccer with me last night...but apparently that is the story he is sticking to.  I will say that he kept his artwork as neat and tidy as he could  He only painted the leg of the desk and it only slightly dripped down to the carpet.  He did try to paint the wall, but apparently the white leg of the desk was a better canvas than the pool colored wall.  He also tried to paint her mirror in the background. Also not the best canvas.  I will say that our boy has turned out to be quite the artist at both his preschools. Both his teachers have commented on it.  Maybe this is how Picasso started?  But I prefer him to use paper for now.
His punishment (as well as sending a video to his Hayeee telling her he was sorry he painted her desk and to please forgive him).  At dinner he told us, "I didn't cry when I had to stand in the corner"...and I did not "get a spank" :)  I guess he was happy about that. Maybe I was too lax with my punishment.  And I probably should have made him clean it up too, but I was panicked it would not come off.  Very thankful he chose the water colors out of our art area, than the oil based paints next to it.  And I did laugh that he used his water cup out of the fridge (minus the straw and lid that he laid aside)...and he chose about 20 brushes.  LOL.  This kid.  It's a good thing he is #5.
And here's a few teaser pics of our day at IU. Gorgeous day...perfect weather...almost 75 degrees out (not often we can wear shorts in mid-October here!)...a nice breeze and no sun.  We had a good time...but we missed our Nina being with us.  Walks there are not the same w/o her!  We had fun in the leaves too...but the best part was feeding the fish pretzels and making boats out of acorn tops!  More pics to later....

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