Friday, October 7, 2016

Chillin in the Big Apple!

Well, we are here. Our home away from home. Pretty uneventful day. Long day of driving for Kev. Bless him. While I touched base with some of my most fav Florida people. Thankfully Matthew turned out to be a dud of a hurricane.  And now we're chillin' in one of our fav places. Wish we were chillin a few hours earlier but NYC was crazy busy getting into town.  Must be all those ballet parents here to see their ballerinas!  Haha.  Actually it was garbage pickup night. Great. But we have a nice suite with an awesome view thanks to Kevs parents hotel points. We have a view of both the Empire State Building and the freedom tower. Awesome!  It's peaceful here and we get to enjoy a nice day tomorrow touring and watching our fav ballerina perform.  A lot to look forward to.  Grateful for this opportunity and much-needed break!  We ❤️ NY!

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