Monday, October 17, 2016

Limited time with my preschooler, XC Sports Banquet, Soccer, No Gymnastics, 1st paycheck

 Just a quickie post tonight...of our Monday. My 45 minutes with my boy on Mondays (and Wednesdays) between "new" preschool and "old" preschool.  We have been doing something different every day so we take advantage of the nice weather while we can.  Today we went by the creek by preschool.  Nina will know the spot.  We skipped rocks.
 He's got his Nina's rock-skipping talent :)  She would be proud.
 Simple joys of throwing rocks :)
 You hardly see the small boy amidst the rocks and leaves.  I can't believe how dried up this area is...usually has lots of water.  But it was a nice picnic spot.
 Cherish my 45 mins with this guy.  I feel I have come full circle lately with my kids...I remember having this special alone time with Hailey 13 years ago...and now I get that special alone with with my final child.  It was a "time goes by too fast" moment.
 Sometimes I still can't believe he is old enough to go to real school.  Saddens me a bit.
This is how daddy found him at school-pick-up...he is definitely the a climber with no fear :)
 Still can't believe she is in middle school now.  It was middle school fall sports awards night.  A nice night...mostly to honor 8th graders, which Shelb is not.  But she still got called to stage for XC. 
 Her coaches are awesome.  This has been our first experience with sports in school and it was a wonderful experience. Such a supportive group...coaches and kids.  So thankful Shelb could be a part of it.  We had no idea what this night involved and we were late too. Apparently you maybe should dress up...half the kids did.  But oh well.  I liked the XC shirt-look :)
 So proud of her...she started off her summer with a time of 21.54 for 1.86 miles.  And for her first meet she got 18.21.  Her final meet was 15.34.  She shaved almost 3 mins off her time.  And she got a few ribbons in between.  Very proud of her.  I told her if she keeps working hard she could be one of the best!
 Gotta get a pic with the "Dawg" :)  School mascot.
 I corrected homework in the van tonight while D played soccer. Only 2 more weeks left...and a big tourney this weekend.  He was on a roll tonight with goals...too bad it was only practice :)
I had to crop this pic to get rid of info...but our fav. New Yorker got her first paycheck of the year...and it was more than my paycheck was for :) 

No pics of Ash...but she was bummed today. It hit her that she wasn't going to gymnastics anymore. I think she misses it.  But only one activity at a time....for now it's ice-skating.

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