Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lo's Pumpkin Party Day and Safe Halloween at the Frat Houses :)

Well, my computer and email are both on the fritz.  I am not getting all my pics downloaded and somehow my computer is not wanting to show me whole pics (just pixels). this is all the pics I have of today...
Lo was darling in his Costume Parade at "old preschool"...he was a little nervous (I can tell when he chews on his finger)...but he was all smiles.  I actually let him wear his real costume (Kev was shocked by this). I rarely let my kids wear their real costumes til Halloween (weird, maybe, but it leaves an element of surprise...and keeps them clean...and then they can be used the following year for all these pre-Halloween activities). But Lo loves his airplane so much (he found it himself at TJMaxx) and I wanted it to get some good use bc I am not sure we will store it after this year.  It's like a big pillow.  Such an easy, but cute costume and different too.  He had fun at his Pumpkin Party after the parade and I had fun helping and getting to know his cute lil' classmates better.  I will have to post pics of the IU Fraternity/Sorority Safe Halloween tonight.  We have never done this, but it was near violin and we had 30mins to spare before Awana at church. So we went. Man, they give out the candy!  We are stocked!  Score!  And the sorority girls seemed to love lil' Airplane Lo :)  
Last night of soccer practice (last game on Saturday)...and Shelb had her last group practice before the big Halloween concert at IU on Saturday.  The busy weekend fast approaches! 

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!