Saturday, October 15, 2016

Off to camp with the scouts and other Sat. activities

Updating with a few pics...

 Lo-the lean, mean bball machine.  Last day of Sport Shorties Fall Ball. It was actually a great experience these last 6 weeks.  Learning about 3 sports.  But I hate to break it to Pops, that he had some bball rage and told me at the end that he liked all the other sports, but basketball.  Hmmm....I think it had something to do with the hoops being too high and none of the kids could make any baskets.  Pops will need to help turn that bball attitude around!
 The fun Fall Festival at the church across from our house...Ash won choc. croissants at the cake walk and two pumpkins and two bags of goodies...and then had to walk them home...not so fun.
 Shelb had a great time at her friend's house making cookies and eating yummy food
 A joyful, non-photogenic gang at the campground last night eating tacos in a bag.  We did have fun though, despite the faces in this pic :)
 Best part of the evening...hearing my boy tell jokes and riddles...he is pretty good and has no fear of crowds.  I was pretty impressed bc Kev and I do no like public speaking.  He may be a good teacher or preacher or motivational speaker!
 Last cub scout campout...kinda sad.  But boy scouts is a whole new game...and he will be great at it!
And below is our girl at a NYC bday party last a ballet friend's house.  Livin' the high life.

Well, no post again today. We are heading to meet the cub scouts at Spring Mill for some camping!   It's been a busy morning for the rest of us...Lo had his last bball, Shelb went to a friend's house and then I took Ash and Lo to a fall festival at a church across the street. We walked there from our house, which was a bad move since we got two free pumpkins and won pastries at the cake walk. Plus had a bike to drag home (since someone decided not to ride it). Oh well. At least it's a perfect weather for a fall day.  Wish us luck camping (at least better luck than last time). And a little sleep too!  Til tomorrow...

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