Thursday, October 13, 2016

Our Thursday--

I'm so tired, I can't even think of anything creative to say.
I will say that I am not an educator, but I am coming really close to thinking I might be better at educating my kids than the choices they have now.  Not bashing mostly a bashing of the system and the lack of books out there (kids are using all online info now)...and while I do not mind helping my kiddos with homework (in fact, I sorta like it), but I do not like doing so at midnight.  That is valuable sleeptime for all.'s a quick rundown...

 post cards...still getting 'em.  He loves it!
 Cheese and chips...still eating 'em.  Loggy and I love our cheese!
 He told me today he is better at coloring than me...and he showed me all the spots I missed on my artwork...then told me that daddy taught him.  I guess I am not the artist in the family. Sigh.
 Crying over spilled milk...enough said.  His new thing is getting his own choc. milk. I did not ever ok this (maybe this started on Nina and Poppy's watch), but he cannot help himself.  It's a good thing our floor is chocolate brown!
 I got my first paycheck yesterday...did I tell you I am a sub at preschool?  I am not doing it consistently, but it's fun actually :)
 Lunch with D and pals...always crazy
 He was the lunchbox carrier honor I guess.
 Leaves are changing finally...had to take pics...he was not thrilled...and he let me know...
 He's a stubborn kid
 Smiles can't help but spill out :)
 A pic for his Hayeee...and Poppy....:)
 Started ice-skating (taking a break from gymnastics).  Apparently it was not the first day was eval day. Oh well. It was a free skate day and she hasn't skated since my bday in Central Park. So she needed a little practice :)
 Nervous at first...
 but she did fine!
 She loved it!
 Talking through the window at me :)
She found a friend...she is the friendliest kid I know! Miss Chatty-pants :)
                                     A nice instructor helped her and her new friend :)
Off to Girl Scouts...I even ironed on her sash stuff today. She is official :)

First time back at core group for awhile. She has had to skip almost all meetings due to cross country or violin. She got to hold her leader's new sweet :)
You might think I am just showing off my big pile of clean laundry (which is a lovely sight) was breathing!
And this is where we are frustrated with school lately....all of us are....Ash has been the only one without frustration, but sometimes I wonder if she is just bored...

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!