Thursday, October 20, 2016

School, activities and concerts--oh my! :)

Well, my new norm...a quickie post :)

Here's a rundown of our day....
A morning in pj's (wish it had been all day honestly)...along with our fav. midmorning snack!

 Lunch with our fav. 2nd grader...Lo was in rare form eating his fruit roll-up!
 We are at peak color now.  And honestly, our fav. fall foliage is right by our school.  It was raining/pouring so I didn't get a good shot, but it is gorgeous!
 We decided to make some pumpkin treats...but I got super lazy and just bought pre-made ones.  Honestly, they are sometimes just better too--plus less mess.  Loggy picked these out and they were pretty cute.
 He is very meticulous about doing's funny :)
 He was proud of them...and they were yummy :)
 A little congratulatory concert spread complete with a mini cookie cake (his idea)...and roses from our bushes outside that are growing like crazy!
 More postcards from abroad!
 The violinist with her cookie :)
Our busy evening...Ash was with Daddy--first official day of ice-skating...she did great!
 I took the boys to the school Spooktacular reading event...complete with the body parts museum (always a hit)
 Is that an old man face?  D loved this all, but Lo would not get near it.
 My and my fav. boys--Captain America and Spidey (Spidey was mighty grumpy...he wanted a nap and did not want the muscle man costume)
 Voting for fav. Halloween candy....chocolate was winning by a landslide (Loggy's and my vote...D was candy corn)
 Very grumpy Spidey making some crafts.
 my superheroes :)
Her first middle school concert....what a beautiful violinist.
 Can you spot her?
 Obviously an avid concert-goer :) (notice the ear plugs :))
 Playing her pirate fav.
 Concert complete!
 The tired mama and papa and our fav. violinist!
 The gang and the bulldog...Lo picked out the fluorescent flowers for his "Bobby" :)
 So proud of our girl.  I might be a bit biased, but I think she was the best one up there. The only one that used her vibrato!
 Celebratory Sonic milkshakes!
She got the best one too...strawberry cheesecake!

Looking forward to Friday night when we have nothing going on...and keeping it that way (except for Shelb who has her big walk-a-thon school fundraiser/lock-in).  YAY for Free-Fridays! 

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