Saturday, October 22, 2016

Soccer Tourney Day and a campsite-night with our Besties!

Not much wording today...just a few pics.  A busy Saturday...a 3-game-soccer-tourney (Kohl's Cup!) for D...lasted pretty much all morning and afternoon (and it was a cold day for it too...brrr!). Loggy went to his first bday party of a preschool friend at Jumpin' Joey's (where he had such a good time, he forgot to take a break to pee...grrr)...and then a wonderful evening with our Besties in Brown County at their campsite.  Love our Besties!  It was a good day...a busy day and my only wish is that tomorrow was a free day. As much as I love all the wonderful things we do, we cannot keep go-going at this pace. I am worn...we are worn.  Down days are a necessity. We just aren't getting enough time to do nothing.



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