Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The insanity is almost done (and thank goodness for Nina!)

Well, thank you, Lord, that the insanity is almost done and we have (mostly) survived.  The only way we did today is because of Nina Stegs. I felt bad asking her to come down for only a couple hours bc that meant that she drove more than she was actually here, but I really needed her.  It saved me from probably losing all sanity today.  She picked up D and A from school and fed them and then brought us all dinner. Lifesaver.  Not sure what we could do without her and her willingness to help. So grateful.
Here's a few pics of the day. I am taking very few bc I have no space left on either of my phones. 

 D and more postcards...they just keep coming...I still need to do a big post on postcards, but I need to have more brainpower to do it so it will have to wait. But he has gotten close to 350 from all the states and like 20plus countries.  Soooo grateful to everyone who has sent stuff.  The outpouring has meant so much to D...and to our whole family...we were reading them at the dinner table when we had time.  We've all learned a lot! Plus his class won and he won...and he got free ice cream out of it!  Bonus! 
 Meet Scooby frog form.
 Loggy's new pet and show-n-tell for the day...worked out good that it was "F" week and also Frog day.  Tomorrow we will let him go.
 Crazy day of taxi service...picking kids up and dropping off.  Loggy was wiped. His "new school" teacher said he almost fell asleep during class. I am sad to say that I think we may really have to cut down to only afternoon preschool.  I thought he was getting used to the schedule, but it's a bit too much.
 I finally got to see group class...they are prepping for the Halloween concert.  I am glad I could see it. I have missed watching it bc I help at church now every other Wed.
 Thank you, Nina, for dinner...Lucky's pizza.  Ash chose choice ever and the best pizza I have had since NYC.
 Shelb practicing her new solo...I think it's the Vivaldi that Nina played on the radio? Is that right, Nina?
All hunkered parents, that FL....awaiting Hurricane Matthew. First time they have used their shutters. I  remember the days of wood and tape on the windows...and filling our bathtub with water during Hurricane Andrew. Nina and Pops have moved up in the world of hurricane-rs.  Praying for safety for all in FL. Those are my homies!

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Sulu said...

Good to see the old Gritz homestead! Hoping Tom and Ninner do well during the storm!