Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Overlook, The Orchard and a Zoo-Boo-bday

A lovely Sunday, but much too much to do.  We tried to squeeze in too much and this made us rushed and made most of it just not all that enjoyable.  We took a very quick trip to the overlook after church...I had to see it today or the leaves would most likely be gone.  It was beautiful.  Gorgeous sunny, warm day and the lake was so peaceful. I would have been happy to just sit and have lunch there and go home.  But not our luck.

 Also, had to go apple picking today or they would be gone by the time we had time to do it in November.  Of course, everyone was apple picking and it was so busy and we only had 45 mins to do it. Too rushed.  But we got a bag-ful and were on our way.
 Baby apples for Hayeee!
 An attempt at a group pic...
 ...never panned out.
 Sorta successful in the shade.
A belated bday celebration at the zoo for Ash (with Nina and Poppy). Her request.  And it happened to be Zoo Boo.  Never ever will we go again during this!  Never seen this place so busy.  It was like Disney, but not in as cool of a state and lots more stinky animals :)  All Ash wanted to do was see the rhino, but when she crossed the bridge to see them, they all had their backsides to her.  I told them they were smiling on the other side :) She was not amused :)

 Group pic...and even the giraffes posed with us :)
 A little happier that the zebras showed a better side of themselves.  I will say that the animals were in rare form...we saw lions fighting and cheetahs chasing each other and some feisty sharks too. I will try to post more pics tomorrow.  And the best part for Lo was all the free candy. He ate candy the entire time we were there.
 Thumbs up for a fun celebration with Nina and Poppy and Brian and Anne.  Pizza, Cold Stone ice cream cake, candy, balloons and gifts!  She was happy!
Thanks, Nina and Poppy for a fun day.  Now if we could just have a day off tomorrow, we'd be good. We Stegs need 3 day weekends where one day is a complete day of rest--no exception!  Phew!

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