Monday, October 10, 2016

The post-vacation letdown/reality check

Well, I find myself sad tonight.  Sad to be home minus one again. I keep thinking one day I'll get used to the absence of one of my children, but it has not happened yet. It was a whirlwind trip, like all our NYC ones are, but just getting to see our girl for those 24 hours was wonderful. I wish we could have stayed one more day and taken her out of the city to an orchard or to do something fall-sy. I know sometimes she misses things like that from home. And it seems most her friends left for the long weekend or still have parents in town from choreographic. But we had to get back to the rest of the fam and she had to start her online courses and take her weekly SAT course today.  So we hit the road  again and made the long trek home. The kids were pretty ecstatic to see us show up at soccer practice.  We've missed those four!  And Nina and Poppy did an awesome job holding down the fort and keeping everyone alive :). They are amazing!  And thankfully we have one more day of fall break left.  So we don't jump into full craziness tomorrow. Yay for that!

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