Wednesday, October 19, 2016

This and That Misc. post

I am exhausted. Wednesdays do me in, especially when I get called into sub in the morning. Just adds to the craziness. I am not complaining really...but being home 5 minutes all day and not coming in the door til 8:30pm is not my fav.  Anyway...we made it through the day so that is a small hurdle.  
Here's a few misc. pics from the week...

 Lo and the IU guy statue from yesterday. I forget his VIP's name at the moment...but I love that Loggy hopped up on his shoulder and snuggled in.  We were watching the garden guys plant tulip bulbs in the flower bed in front of him. Pretty cool :)
 Thumbs up for a home-cooked meal. We probably have one a week, if that.  Sad.  That is what I hate most about our sched.  We are never home to eat a good dinner and eat it together. I think that stinks.
 More and more postcards.  They are dwindling off, but we are still getting them from all over the world.  Nearing 400, but not sure we will reach it.  Love this cub scout kid! I had a teacher I had not met til today stop me in the hall today and tell me what a good kid he was and how funny he is.  Yep, that's our boy!
Vivaldi is just need to perfect it and memorize it by December. Should be easy.  Concert tomorrow...and concert next weekend and two weeks after that.  Lots of violin-ing lately.
Old pic that I somehow had accidentally downloaded.  It was on SAB's instagram on the first day of classes over a month ago.  Can you spot our Hays?  Cute pic of her C2 class.
 Hailey sent us pics of her Halloween dorm decorations...some of them at least...we try to keep her equipped with holiday these are a mix of this year and last...
A window view....hope she can carve her fake, but carveable albino pumpkin this week. :)

Looking forward to tomorrow...need a semi-down day.  So exhausted.

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