Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nina's here to join in the craziness!

 YAY, Nina is here!  The highlight of our day for sure!  We didn't step in the door til 8pm, but it's safe to say everyone was very, very happy to see her!
 Here's a review of our day...some of it pre-Nina...I helped in Ashley's class today.  I enjoy this bc her teacher actually lets me help with the kids...I helped with sight word stuff and then helped half the class with speaking parts for their holiday music program coming up. Ash has a part (singing and reading).  She's a good reader and no fear of speaking in front of people.
 Hmmm...our park visit in between preschools was a little soggy today :(
 Loggy was perplexed and kinda bummed he could not get to his fav. spinny thing...sitting in the middle of what looked like a small lake. :(
 But we made the best of it and went to another park...we had our lunch...healthy wafers :)
 and played hide n seek...he won!
 It was a much drier park...phew!  We ran and ran...we had fun.  Probably the last day we will have a nice day this year.  But grateful that on the last day of November we could even be outside.
 Seemed like a good idea til we got mud all over our pants and hands...thankfully I had a spare pair of jeans in the van for new school. this.  Hiding from his teachers who come out to get him from new school.  So cute.
 I met my mama!  Probably the first time I have met her at the airport shuttle w/o a little Steg in tow.  It was weird, but nice.  We had a late lunch at our fav. place!  Yummy chix sandwiches and peppermint milkshakes hit the spot!
 Then it was time to pick up the kids...Shelb first!  We stopped at Lucky's so I could tinkle and Nina got in her Shelb hug!
 Then to elem school...more hugs...though hard to huge cello-boy with the big instrument on his back!
 Nina was on violin duty.  This was nice bc it saved daddy a trip to IU today and he could work from home after getting Loggy from school.  Plus Nina was able to hear Vivaldi!  Shelb did great, I hear!
 I was on church musical practice duty.  We had dinner and homework time at Wendy's before we went to church.
 I did a drive-by and saw this big guy peeping at me from the MAC.  Sorta creepy and always a bit nostalgic knowing I am not a part of the hooplah anymore.
 And back to our fav. place for dinner!  Shelb had gift cards from Sue Sue and she had been counting down the days til she could use them.  A perfect night for it!
 A quick stop at the store to get a few groceries and Shelb got to see the fancy sushi area at the fancy Kroger.
 And 8pm, Nina gets her Loggy hugs!

And it's always fun when Nina comes bearing gifts...this time it was cool gliders that she had bought a long time ago.
 High heel model. These aren't Nina's...they are Hailey's...but Ash is a Hailey-wanna-be, so she likes to model them.
 Awww, Dyl always saves Nina his Almond Joy's...her fav!
 And a few games of "throw the glider" and some girl should stick to violin. She cartwheels like her mama!
 Gliders were flying...
 And flying...they looked like birds, which is fitting bc they kept landing in our Christmas trees :)
 Smothering Nina with love. :)
 Two weeks with Nina...what could be better...and lots of fun things planned along the way.  I am grateful she is here, bc it will help with my Bloomy blues. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Less Blue-y

 Quick post...tired.  The morning was quite blue again for me, but the sun came out, my hubby worked from home and I am less blue-y now.  Phew.  Rainbows after rainy blue days are good.  Here are a few pics of the day.  Loggy helped me with Shelby's cupcake cake.  Well, I thought he was helping...
 He was really just there for the free fondant.
 But he did end up helping me with the fondant sprinkles. I have done a half dozen of these cupcake cakes (so glad I have the cake pan for it!)...but this one gave me a run for my money.  Our milk chocolate base cracked twice and the white chocolate writing had to be redone three times.  Plus my mental state was just not up for doing a cake, even a simple one. I was grateful Shelb wanted this one.  Apparently no one has made a Cupcake Wars ideas on the web.  So we copied the logo.  I wasn't happy with the fushia I made and of course could not find pre-made sprinkles so had to make my own.  Thankful Lo helped me make them with straws! He ate a few in the process as payment :)
 I tried to get creative with photography.  haha. Why not.  Shelb made the banner so wanted to show it off.
 Simple, but really a pain...working with chocolate isn't easy...and spraying it gold is also not as easy at is looks.  I still feel like I should make a confetti canon like on the logo...but doubt I'll have time.
 Off to a special GS meeting tonight...
Looks almost like the white house, but it's an IU sorority.  Sorta the same?!  haha   Ash had fun with the sorority girls making snowmen out of food...and her fav. part was getting a tour of their building. I have never done that myself, so she is one lucky girl!  If anyone is our fam. would become a sorority girl, it would be Ash.
 Vivaldi time!  It is sounding great!  Nina can hear it tomorrow!  YAY!
 Someone was making popcorn garland while at violin...utilizing time well since she forgot her reading homework.
 D had cub scouts tonight, but daddy didn't take a pic of the carnival he was was a part of. I know he won a mint kit kat...he was happy about that! he is on Saturday...holding what I thought was a cool Charlie Brown tree at the tree farm.  I love it...he did not, obviously.
And this city girl had a busy day....first her first SAT results.  She got 1290. I thought that was pretty good for her first one. But this is coming from a girl who only got like 1050.  She's way smarter than me.  Those SAT classes paid off.  She improved from her PSAT last year...but not sure they are the same.  She takes her next test Saturday.  And she got the news that she will be performing in Scenes de Ballet with NYCB.  Her and about 60 kids from SAB--10 from her class--a lot of kids, but still fun to perform in the Koch theater (in January) even if only for less than a minute. I'm excited for her.

That is our day...sorta laid back...and grateful for a hubby who was willing to stay home and be my company.  Also grateful for friends and family who were praying for me and for my friend, Cil, who sent me an uplifting text this morn. So grateful for wonderful people surrounding me. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Fighting the Bah humbug blues

 Gloomiest Bloomy day ever.  Proof is above.  Not only was it rainy and overcast, but it was cold.  And it poured all day long...all day.  Where are you sun?  I need you!  I had a rough morning...I woke up very anxious at 5am...not about all the things to do, but about my kids.  I am not sure what is going on. I rarely wake up worrying about my kids.  I really trust God's got them in the palm of his hand. Not sure why I doubted that this morning.
 And these pics are all out of order...but this is our evening...Kev is my hero...helping me all that he can. He got the kids all to school today and let me rest a little.  Then this evening he helped with some chocolate party experimentation.  I look like I am sleeping against the wall. I pretty much was worthless today.
 The happy baking girls...we really are not as happy as we look :)
 The best dad, dishes guy, tree decorator, party planner, hubby I know...and the violinist who would not look at me bc she was mad I was making her play.
 My happy shopper...he wanted to be home cyber shopping instead of at Hobby Lobby looking for cheap craft ideas.  But since it was raining we could not go to the park in between old and new preschool
 Off to new school...following his friend, Lucas.  The wind showed me how long his hair is now...need to cut it next week!
 LOL...this is Lo's new thing to do...and his friend Lucas too (who is behind him)...they hide from their teachers.  Funny boys!
Party fun...can you tell what these are?  Homemade cake plates...Shelb's idea to stack them high!  and our tree dilemma below...I think we are keeping it this way. I like vertical better, but this tree is not as full as our tree last year, so I think this works better...bless Kev for doing this.  The Christmas stuff is just not my fav. thing and I am hoping Nina can help me decorate the trees and get things situated  Happy Cyber Monday...the only thing we bought was Christmas cards from Sam's Club. Now let's see if we send them out!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Saying goodbye to our New Yorker and trying not to be bah humbug (plus some half bday party planning)

Well, my computer is almost lava hot, so I am not posting many words. Just a sorta blah day as we said goodbye to our ballerina....but she did get to go to church with us and see two of her old besties...and then we came home and had one last good meal with her. A goodbye Lupper of sorts :)   And then she was off on her big plane to the big city.  Then we were home for a violin lesson and then home to work on our Christmas trees (thank you, Kev, I am overwhelmed with the thought of Christmas)...and also trying to plan a half bday party for Shelb...thankfully a simple one.  So not ready to jump back into the crazy routine this week, but the silver lining is that Nina will be here to join along in the craziness soon!