Monday, November 7, 2016

A busy Monday and Pops is back!

 Started off our Monday with a bang...Ash lost a tooth. We knew it was soon to follow Dylan's loss, but no idea it would be today right before school started.  She was one happy girl! She could hardly eat bfast due to this snaggle tooth!  Phew, now it's gone!
 Postcards still are a coming!  Today we got one from Nina and Poppy on their European vacation...but I forgot to take a pic. 
 My special Monday time with my boy...he wanted to go to an old park today after old preschool
 LOL...he is a hoot!
 Love this pic...shows what a lovely sunny November day it was!  The smiley boy is a bonus!
 He loves to climb things, but once he got up it was a little scary.
 A new thing at the park?  I call this the vomit-machine...but Lo loved it :)
 Christmas awesomeness at Target!  I think Daddy needs some of these...I, of course, like the Nutcracker one...but Papa Bear is cute too :)
 We actually were all home tonight for dinner...we made our fav. cheesy chicken!  YAY!
 Almost done with dinner and we see a car park in front of our house.  Someone knew right away who it was!  Back from MI!
 Good ol' Pops...back a day early to see us! YAY!  And not sure why, but before he even walked in the door, the kids were grilling him about who he voted for....
Ash was not happy with what she heard... :)
 Lo always has hugs for his "Boppy" :)
 Someone absolutely loved her school pic that she got back today...and she got a special id card too...she had to wear it around her neck to show everyone her awesome pic.  She is hilarious and not prideful at all :) But honestly, it was a good pic!
 Pops is not sure about this mess in the boys' room...hopefully he can help with the closet this week.
 :) :)   Pops is always good at tickling :)
 Ash was energetic tonight...she wanted to dance and sing and talk...
 We settled down and had movie night...Ash had been begging to watch the new Willy Wonka...none of us had seen it so we settled in...minus daddy and Shelby (who had orchestra practice all evening)  Quirky movie.
Thankful for a day off tomorrow...and Pops is here to spend it with us :)

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