Tuesday, November 8, 2016

An Election Day off

 A lovely Election day...mostly bc we had the day off.  Not sure about the outcome of the election...yet...I guess that is a story for another day...But if any woman should become president, it's our Ash!  I found this in her backpack today.  Her 2nd grade presidential speech :)  They find out tomorrow who won that tight race.  Of course, she voted for herself :)
 Love this.  Ashley's GS troop made notes and wrapped them with treats to give to poll workers.  She was so excited to get up and hand them out to our poll workers today when Kev and I voted.
 We slept in a little...but when we got up Ash had talked Pops into watching Lego Friends on tv.
 Not sure what the boys were talking about...but Logan was insisting on the number 9, of course!
 Off we went to vote...daddy, Ash and I.  Nice that we can just walk behind our house and vote at the school there.  Makes me realize how nice it would be to send my kids there.  Easy peasy!
 Ready to see what this voting thing is all about....and ready to hand out her treats. 
 She ended up going to the voting booth with me...daddy is much more knowledgeable about politics than I, but oh well. Here we are in our voting booth. I wish I had taken a pic of her handing out treats to the poll workers. They loved it...they were so appreciative.  It was very sweet.
 me and my voting girl :)
 All done!  On the way out we stood on the republican side...we didn't notice til we left that the other side we took a pic by before was democratic.  
 Proof of our votes!
 In celebration of voting, D and Pops ran out to get a special bfast!  D came up with this idea on Monday...he wanted his fav. square donuts!
 Pops and his donut-fan-club!
 Then it was time to work off the donuts.  Pops has still got skillz!
 Trying to help D get some skillz too...he had bball evals tonight and needed to brush up on things!
 Lo working on a bday card for a friend.
 Ash organized the shoes...awesome...they needed it!
 A lot of violin tonight. Poor girl is sorta burned out on violin...she has a lot going on now with music. After Saturday it will be better.
 We went through some clutter in the garage.  Only one box to Goodwill, but every box counts!  Here is Ash saying she does not want me to give up this shirt....really?  That girl loves to keep stuff...even my stuff!
 She wanted to donate today to get a badge for girl scouts.  Bonus bc it allowed her to get rid of some clothes and toys!
 Our lunch destination...our fav. place...the overlook.  We stopped at Subway and Wendys and made lunch easy (and yummy)  Thanks, Pops!
 Fun running up the slide...it was a bit of a competition.
 Didn't always work out great....
 They kept trying!
 No idea what that face is about.
There was a lot of this...and he is pretty fast. Eventually there were tears. I will let you guess from who.
Sweet girl :)
Sweet boy :)
Then some shannanagins about shoes...and hats...
She sure tried to beat him up.
LOL...what's wrong with this picture :)
Pops is his happy place :)
Also his happy place...with (some of) his grands :)
more bball practice...this time with a couple dogs (they were in the background with Shelb and Lo)
Quite the competition
Post bball hot-choc and donut.  It wasn't super cold, but it was rainy so it felt like a good idea to have some comfort food.
A GS night....they were donating canned goods to the Pantry we worked in last year and the girls were working on their healthy badge...so they exercised and made smoothies.
 Pops working hard to help his Ash get her bday present up on the wall!
More comfort food...chili for dinner :)
 Very sleepy boy...could not wake up from nap on the couch.
And bball evals....and some working out for Ash during it...
Pops evaluating how this is going...
He got a lot of shots, but Pops made it clear it was bc he was using a girl bball.  Thanks, Pops, for clearing that up!
Sweet Pops...finished Ashley's new desk up...looks great and she's so excited!
Watching the election...the kids were pretty excited, especially D...he has to mark all the results on a paper for social studies. We got the live feed running on the big screen for Pops.  We've had a few issues, but mostly it's been good.
Election night dessert...warm apple crisp...yumm!
The night has now turned into morning...Pops went to bed a bit disgusted by what he was watching....not sure there could be a good outcome to this race to be honest.  But we shall see what happens when the sun comes up.

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