Friday, November 18, 2016

Anger management!

 Well, this was a post meant for last night, but my computer is also having anger issues. grrrrr!  Apparently this still applies today though since the last pic is from today.  Sometimes being a parent is "fun".  This is what we were dealing with last night about this time.  A hysterical screaming tantrum by the Logster.  You will never guess what is was over too.  He and Ash were making our best bud, Sophie, b-day cards and Ash put one of Loggy's mini coloring books on the back of her card to give to Sophie (Doc McStuffins--since her party is this theme)...well, Lo went ballistic...wanted it back and was chasing us around trying to get it.  Pretty humorous/sad.  It was not one of his better moments.  And I just pray he doesn't go ballistic at her party tomorrow, when he notices it's still on her card.
 2nd angered child...Ash.  She wrote this about her dear ol' dad last night.  Yikes (do you see the rip in it!?).  I told Kev to sleep with one eye open...or he could be ripped in half!  Ouch!  Boy, that girl was angry about something...if only we knew what. Kev had no idea. He thought she was mad about him telling her to pick her toothpaste up off the floor. Good grief, I hope she doesn't get "rip him in half" angry over that!  But I did make a point to get a pic of where daddy hung the note...right next to my coolest mom sign.  For once mama was not the bad guy.  I can't say I was sad I was not the brunt of anger for once.  Though I do feel for daddy, Kev.  Who can be angry at him...especially to the point of ripping him to pieces.  Good grief, Ash!  Chill!
And today, I go into her room and notice this chart hanging on her desk. LOL! She has been rating us every day...and dear ol' dad is in the bad/sad area.  Poor thing.  He really needs to work harder to move his clip up the chart!  Again, notice who is at the mom ever!

So this is the joyfulness that is our Steg home.  Bet you want to be a fly on the angered walls here.  One good thing is Thanksgiving break is here and we have 9 days off school...3.5 of which will be with our New Yorker home.  Nice.

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!