Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday, tree hunting, STY and Sue Sue Thanksgiving!

A few pics of our Black Friday.  We are not among the crazies that brave the crowds and sacrifice sleep for piddly shopping...but we are crazy enough to get up and bake.  I would have rather slept, but bc we got home late last night, we had to push baking off til this morn.  But the girls helped.  Ash worked on her dinner dessert.
daddy and Shelby making muffins...blueberry and pumpkin/choc. chip.  Yumm!
 An attempt at 3D fruit artwork--turkey style for STY turkey day.  Sorta scary if you stare at it long enough :) 
Shelb helped me...I was grateful. I got impaled in the process.  Not so fun.
 We went in to wake Hayeee...but she was already awake...and ready for hugs :)
 We did venture out Black Friday shopping...but not early morning.  I thought only a few ladies would be at Joann's, but that place was hopping.  I was glad we did not find what we needed for Shelb's party...bc I would not wait in that 30 person line.  Crazy.  Who really enjoys lines and all that shopping craziness!?
 Then it was off to STY Thanksgiving!  YAY!  Lots of yummy brunch food!  The kid table...
 the adult table? 
 Twins...just 4 years apart.
 LOL. I was trying to take a pic of the cat watching Ab's knit, but it jumped off the table right when I took a pic and I discovered Abs was staring lovingly at me :) this kitty...who loved the yarn ball :)
 LOL...the cat also loved Hays her best side :)
 The kiddos played my fav. game upstairs!  Love Life!
 More black Friday shopping....and our first time shopping at Rural King for a tree!  I had seen one at Sam's, but our besties said they had them cheaper here...they were right!  Saved $5!  I liked this tree.
 The kids liked this other tree...
 Ballerina and a tree...
 Which tree?  Shelb was being unbiased :)  I hope we chose the right one.  We shall see tomorrow.  Might be our new tradition to forgo the tree farm and go to Rural King.  Cheap too!
 A New Yorker warming herself by the fire :)  Can't blame her. It was a cold, overcast, gloomy day here today.
 Home and time to set the table for Sue Sue Thanksgiving!  My helpers!
 The bustling Steg kitchen.
 She finished making her sundae cheesecake dessert. Almost looks like a black and white cookie...or ying and yang. We did a white choc. side and dark choc since we are a split choc. household. :)
 making cheeseballs to go inside our stuffed cheesy chicken!
 First homemade-ish cherry pie! Yumm!  She loves cherry pie!
 His first time making popovers...I tried them once and they failed. I was certain his would too.  He succeeded even without the special pan. He is a master chef!
 Our feast!  Someone was not excited by what he saw.
 Cheers!  Shelb made two toasts for us with sparkly juice!
 yumm!  our dinner!  Made complete and Grandma Fergie's special china!
 The party has started!
 Our post dinner entertainment...filling out thankful tree leaves for the family...each person picked a person's name out of a hat and put had to write to leaves about what they loved and were thankful for about that person.
 And then we read the leaves :)  Such nice things said...especially that Logan was "King" :)
 Post dinner entertainment...Vivaldi!
 And cello!
 Ballerina gone cellist?
 peek-a-boo! :)  cute :)
 Ballerina gone violinist?  She does remember a few things from taking viola...she is actually not bad! 
 Hiding Sue Sue's feet under pillows and then finding!
 The dessert didn't end up looking good, but it sure tasted good!  All that matters!
 The dessert chefs!
 Our thankful tree from the evening...kinda artsy
 She wasn't so sure about her tart dessert...I liked it!
 She liked hers though...I did too!
 Playing a Frozen sweet together.  Miss them all together all the time.
 Forgot to take a pic yesterday...of our big Thankful Tree...from Thanksgiving.
 Our menu for Sue Sue Thanksgiving.  All so yummy!
 The spread...
 We love Sue Sue Thanksgiving!
How exciting our lives normally are...not sure why they were all sitting or standing by me, but here we were...and it was picture worthy enough that daddy took one.  Crazy gang of mine :)

A full day...but wish we had gone to the real tree farm so we didn't have to get up early tomorrow.  Not that we really need to two trees since we will be in FL for Christmas this year.

A good day seeing our STY fam (our Black Friday tradition for Turkey Day!) and loved having Sue Sue over for yummy food.  Just wish there was more time in the day and more time for sleep.

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Ash is back!!!

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