Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fall Back

 Well, I really thought a day with an extra hour of sleep, would be a good one. But it was not the best. Started off with me up at 4am....could not sleep.  I filled out my calendar in that free time, which was good...but having to get up for church a couple hours later, was not ideal.  Tired.  And also tired bc our morning started out with socks down the stairs.  Loggy thought it was a good idea to toss them downstairs.  Never know what that kid will do!
 Time change means pj day at church.  Last time we forgot...this time we were one of the only ones to do it. Apparently everyone else got more sleep than us and wanted to get ready for the day.  I would have stayed in bed all day if I could!  We did donate some of our Halloween candy to the troops. Love this idea. I need less candy around for sure bc I eat most of it.
 Ash had a gymnastics bday party to go to.  She was happy :)
 While I was shopping and partying with Ash and Lo, Shelb and the boys and Sue Sue were taking care of business.  It looked awesome when we pulled up!
 The hard working leaf girl!  She did awesome...and it was so nice of the boys to help.  28 bags of leaves total. And Sue Sue was sweet enough to even pay Dylan for helping Shelb. He was pretty excited.  And she was so generous to Shelb. It meant a lot to her to work these last 2 days and make England money. Her first payment is almost paid off thanks to Pops and Sue Sue and two sweet lil' bros! :)
 Loggy hiding from us...can you spot him?  That is a lotta leaves back there!
 Awww, cute!  He loves this tree house area!  And notice his cool ripped jeans. This is his new thing to rip all his jeans on purpose.  Crazy kid.
 Love the sun...and the son jumping too!
 Such a pretty setting where Sue Sue lives...even with a million leaves...and especially with 3 crazy kids :)
 Time for violin.  So grateful for such great teachers!  Shelb is trying to perfect her Vivaldi.  It's a tough piece.
 D practicing his Christmas program solo...he just joined the choir last week and got a solo the first day and the program is a few weeks away. Eek!
 This kid loves his Hayeeee!  He is a goofball and she is too...they crack each other up :)
 Frustrated by all the music she has to learn this week...she has 3 concerts this week and the large solo to learn.  This one piece is 6 pages long for All-Region.  Ugh.
Hailey has become a riddler in NYC...she was telling D all her newfound riddles.  Fun!

A full day...and full weekend.  Glad we have a day off in 2 days.  We need it!

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Anonymous said...

Hi dear Kelly
Always a pleasure to discover each day the adventures of your little family.
I just wondered if Dylan had received my postcards from France and Sweden.
Please just confirm it, it will be a big relief for me, I sent them near one month.
I send all of you kisses from Paris.