Monday, November 28, 2016

Fighting the Bah humbug blues

 Gloomiest Bloomy day ever.  Proof is above.  Not only was it rainy and overcast, but it was cold.  And it poured all day long...all day.  Where are you sun?  I need you!  I had a rough morning...I woke up very anxious at 5am...not about all the things to do, but about my kids.  I am not sure what is going on. I rarely wake up worrying about my kids.  I really trust God's got them in the palm of his hand. Not sure why I doubted that this morning.
 And these pics are all out of order...but this is our evening...Kev is my hero...helping me all that he can. He got the kids all to school today and let me rest a little.  Then this evening he helped with some chocolate party experimentation.  I look like I am sleeping against the wall. I pretty much was worthless today.
 The happy baking girls...we really are not as happy as we look :)
 The best dad, dishes guy, tree decorator, party planner, hubby I know...and the violinist who would not look at me bc she was mad I was making her play.
 My happy shopper...he wanted to be home cyber shopping instead of at Hobby Lobby looking for cheap craft ideas.  But since it was raining we could not go to the park in between old and new preschool
 Off to new school...following his friend, Lucas.  The wind showed me how long his hair is now...need to cut it next week!
 LOL...this is Lo's new thing to do...and his friend Lucas too (who is behind him)...they hide from their teachers.  Funny boys!
Party fun...can you tell what these are?  Homemade cake plates...Shelb's idea to stack them high!  and our tree dilemma below...I think we are keeping it this way. I like vertical better, but this tree is not as full as our tree last year, so I think this works better...bless Kev for doing this.  The Christmas stuff is just not my fav. thing and I am hoping Nina can help me decorate the trees and get things situated  Happy Cyber Monday...the only thing we bought was Christmas cards from Sam's Club. Now let's see if we send them out!

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