Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Turkey Day!

Well, this Turkey Day post is sporadic at best...but here's at least a few pics...all out of order

 Love this pic of my fav. five...very, very grateful for each of them...
 Love each of their 5 personalities...their 5 gifts....their 5 wonderful selves
 Our T-day bfast...yum!  Monkey bread, bacon, sausage and Shelb's yummy fruit pizza-turkey style! :)
 Then off to Nina and Poppy's...Shelb was on helper duty...trying to make money for England! (not that she wouldn't do it for free! :))
 A toast to the Steg fam...given by Poppy!
 The little kid table :)
 The middle kid table :)
 And you can see the rest of the tables...many tables this time...probably the most we've had at Steg Thanksgiving!
 Lunch!  I ate the least I have ever ate...I was still full from bfast!  But it was good...and Nina gave us each loaves of different bread as our place settings.  Cute!  She does something different every year for our name tags...this was the first edible one...yumm.
 Shelb was our entertainment...or part of it.  She did great with Vivaldi!
 Then it was our other entertainment...Poppy has been working on a Stegemoller crossword for a year and a half.  Of course he realized when it was almost done that he could do it online with much less work, but he's so smart he didn't need a computer to help!  Gma was a wiz at all the answers!
 Kev and I were not-so-good.  But we had some good laughs over how Kev is very much like his dad...they make up their own words and have their own spelling/English language. Fun!
 I think Loggy only at macaroons for Thanksgiving...who needs Turkey when you have French desserts!
 Poppy hiding from the family who was laughing at his crossword :)
 No idea what was going on here? (above or below)...I think below had to do with a tooting ballerina!?  And possibly a tooting violinist?

 And the sisters razzing each other...and filling the room with gas!
 Hailey gave dancing instructions...showing us her Nutcracker SAB moves...Ash was trying to duplicate.
 More tooting razzing...
 Our bfast gathering :)
 Crazy Steg gang selfie!
Also crazy Steg gang...the craziness never ends!

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!