Tuesday, November 22, 2016

More lazy-ish days

A few "snaps" of the day...

 The kids got along briefly...and all played together...
 They actually built a pretty cool train track that went down the train table onto the carpet. Then Logan messed it up and they were mad. Typical.
 It was supposed to be my shopping day, but the van died again...about the 6th time this month.  Soooo...Kev came home and took it to get a new battery. I stayed home for a bit and Ash helped me make our Thankful Tree.  She's a good tree shaper.  Not sure what I will do when I finally find a painting to put here. I will miss my holiday art creations!
 Chore time. You can see who did the chores and who did not.  Typical.
 We ran into family and friends at Sam's Club...and found a cookie cake we might want for our preschool party (YAY for pirates!)  Note to self...do not go grocery shopping a day or two before a holiday.  Not fun.  Cart traffic jams.
 We mowed and trimmed our rose bushes.  We know we are not supposed to cut our lawn after the first freeze, but hopefully it rains tomorrow.
 Someone is getting pickier and pickier and spitting out food a lot lately.  He spit out bread today. He used to like rolls.
 Caramel apples gone bad.  I burned them and didn't know you needed to add water to the caramel.  On the up side I did find a home remedy for making hockey pucks! :)
Someone was not supposed to have any post-dinner food bc he would not eat his dinner, but apparently he snuck something when I was not looking.  I caught him in the pic.  Not cool.
I found some old caramel that worked for half the apples....I did not burn this. It was edible. Poor D's was not.  Sorry, D!

Tomorrow this time our New Yorker will be home.  YAY for that!

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