Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nina's here to join in the craziness!

 YAY, Nina is here!  The highlight of our day for sure!  We didn't step in the door til 8pm, but it's safe to say everyone was very, very happy to see her!
 Here's a review of our day...some of it pre-Nina...I helped in Ashley's class today.  I enjoy this bc her teacher actually lets me help with the kids...I helped with sight word stuff and then helped half the class with speaking parts for their holiday music program coming up. Ash has a part (singing and reading).  She's a good reader and no fear of speaking in front of people.
 Hmmm...our park visit in between preschools was a little soggy today :(
 Loggy was perplexed and kinda bummed he could not get to his fav. spinny thing...sitting in the middle of what looked like a small lake. :(
 But we made the best of it and went to another park...we had our lunch...healthy wafers :)
 and played hide n seek...he won!
 It was a much drier park...phew!  We ran and ran...we had fun.  Probably the last day we will have a nice day this year.  But grateful that on the last day of November we could even be outside.
 Seemed like a good idea til we got mud all over our pants and hands...thankfully I had a spare pair of jeans in the van for new school. this.  Hiding from his teachers who come out to get him from new school.  So cute.
 I met my mama!  Probably the first time I have met her at the airport shuttle w/o a little Steg in tow.  It was weird, but nice.  We had a late lunch at our fav. place!  Yummy chix sandwiches and peppermint milkshakes hit the spot!
 Then it was time to pick up the kids...Shelb first!  We stopped at Lucky's so I could tinkle and Nina got in her Shelb hug!
 Then to elem school...more hugs...though hard to huge cello-boy with the big instrument on his back!
 Nina was on violin duty.  This was nice bc it saved daddy a trip to IU today and he could work from home after getting Loggy from school.  Plus Nina was able to hear Vivaldi!  Shelb did great, I hear!
 I was on church musical practice duty.  We had dinner and homework time at Wendy's before we went to church.
 I did a drive-by and saw this big guy peeping at me from the MAC.  Sorta creepy and always a bit nostalgic knowing I am not a part of the hooplah anymore.
 And back to our fav. place for dinner!  Shelb had gift cards from Sue Sue and she had been counting down the days til she could use them.  A perfect night for it!
 A quick stop at the store to get a few groceries and Shelb got to see the fancy sushi area at the fancy Kroger.
 And 8pm, Nina gets her Loggy hugs!

And it's always fun when Nina comes bearing gifts...this time it was cool gliders that she had bought a long time ago.
 High heel model. These aren't Nina's...they are Hailey's...but Ash is a Hailey-wanna-be, so she likes to model them.
 Awww, Dyl always saves Nina his Almond Joy's...her fav!
 And a few games of "throw the glider" and some girl should stick to violin. She cartwheels like her mama!
 Gliders were flying...
 And flying...they looked like birds, which is fitting bc they kept landing in our Christmas trees :)
 Smothering Nina with love. :)
 Two weeks with Nina...what could be better...and lots of fun things planned along the way.  I am grateful she is here, bc it will help with my Bloomy blues. 

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!